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    Post by Silva on Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:47 am

    Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    Character Image here

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me threw these troubles

    • Name :Silva
    • Middle Name :-
    • Last Name :-
    • Age : Unknown
    • Race :Espada
    • Gender :Female
    • Sexuality :Bi
    • Number : 0


    • Resurrección Appearance :
    • Call out phrase : Wither
    • Resurreccion ability :
    Super Enhanced Strength: Silva has the strength to lift buildings from their foundations and topple them with ease, even going so far as to be able to crush boulders with only her hands and legs.
    Sonido Master:Silva is a Sonido master to the point of being called the Soundless Goddess, being able to travel by Sonido without making a sound, but also being able to make a tangible clone, Her speed only matched by the fastest of another race.
    Absolute Metal and Sand Control: Silva in Ressurection has the ability to control silver dust and sand control, often leading her to be called by her allies, the Silver Desert.
    Shape Shifting:This allows her to change her shape into anything she wishes
    The Knight Espada :She has the ability that when fighting someone one on one, she gains power to equal theirs. If fighting a group, she gains power till she would be capable of fighting the group, but if she outnumbers someone, she becomes weaker till it is as even as it can be.
    Expert Hand-To-Hand: Capable of fightning on par with Shihouin Yoruichi when fighting hand to hand style, but she prefers not to as it is not her style, she prefers using her staff whenever fighting.


    • Height :5'4"
    • Weight :110
    • Hair color & Style :Medium Length Brown
    • Eye color :Azure/Teal
    • Overall Appearance :She wears a modified Espada's robe that is cut at the stomach and the back to let more air at her skin, and to let her wings stay out when she needs them. Her skin is of medium tone and her body is a slightly athletic build. She could be described as slightly skinny, but she also has a good amount of muscle on her. She always has an extremely heavy staff on her back, as this is her weapon.


    Likes :

    § Sand
    § Wind
    § Sake
    § Rice

    • Dislikes :

    § Sweets
    § Water
    § Lightning
    § "Magics"

    • Flaws |

    § Tends to not really care and be lazy
    § ADD

    • Habits |

    § Biting her bottom lip
    § Talking to herself or about herself in the third Person

    • Fears :-
    • Goals :-
    • Overall Personality :Her overall personality is quite a simple one. She is a lazy woman, but she tends to also be hyperactive, along with being ditsy, but she is also one of the smartest you will meet, especially in combat situations. She has also been known to use her powers to manipulate things just so that she can have some fun, often causing the other Espada to annoyed that she abuses her powers the way that she was. She also tends to want to not fight and simply play a game or drink the night away. To go on top of this, she actually gets along with Espada and the Shinigami. During her Ressurection, she becomes heartless and calculative however, her mind seeming to take a complete turnaround as she becomes as sand, cold to emotion,cruel and without an end.



    • Overall history :
    Silva cannot remember a single detail before she became the 0 Espada, as with her power, she lost all her memories of her past. But she does have some minor history since she has come into the world. She tend to get in a great deal of trouble since she makes friends with the Shinigami, and refuses to say she hates them, however, she does know when to take orders, and she will kill when need be.

    Curently she resides in the human world despite the orders given to her by Aizen, while she knows his power, she chooses to ignore him from time. She spends time with humans, but hides her wings so as not to alarm them, and she parties most of the time. Along with this, she also hangs out with shinigami to give her some free time.

    (Sorry for short history, having problems coming up with a story XD)
    Role Play Sample:
    He wore his old robes that he had worn when he was the old squad three captain, they were tattered and singed slightly and had his usual things with them, the green sash, the bakkouto to his right hand and the sword on his left side. His hair flitted lightly in the wind as he stared out into the distance with his brown eyes that seemed to be filled with hope. Hope that with this time, he could make up for the wrongs and trouble he caused much of the Soul-Society many years back, by attempting to rally them together to defeat Aizen. He also knew that those few who remembered him may or may not bear him harsh feelings.
    J Sosuke

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    Re: Silva

    Post by J Sosuke on Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:35 pm


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