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    Naruto Land


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    Naruto Land

    Post by Ukitake on Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:17 am

    It all started with a dream, it then became a prophecy and today it is a legacy. When the sage of the sixth path discovered ninjutsu, a curse was unleashed in this world. The Sage of the sixth path then had a dream to restore peace and give sanctuary to this cursed world. He died and the dream to restore peace became a prophecy. A Old toad once said as he looks at his crystal orb, " One day two child will meet each other this Childs are the Childs of prophecy " they will be the one to restore peace. The old sage also had said that the Sannin with white hair would travel around the world in search of peace. He was correct he found one of the child from the prophecy his name was nagato. Years later the second child of the prophecy was found his name was naruto uzmaki. Both had a dream that became prophecy, Their goal and only dream was to restore peace. Nagato believed peace could be found by pain, he believed that he could restore peace by controlling people with pain and soon peace would be restore and the people would even adapt to the pain and soon the world would be a peaceful place. It was the death of yahiko and his parent that change his heart his heart was cover in darkness and in pain. In the other hand the second child naruto uzumaki believed peace could be found if people could understand each other, he fallow the prophecy of his sensei the sannin with white hair Jiraiya. On one unlucky day the leaf village was attack by Nagato, and completely destroy both child fought in this battle field and nagato 6 body of pain were destroy by Naruto, once they had met face to face naruto believes to obtain peace change nagato allowing him to restore peace, doing so nagato sacrifice his life to restore the life of all the people he killed in that very day and moment. It was not soon that this prophecy became a Legacy pass from generation to generation and today peace is yet to be found is naruto the hero of this world or will this legacy continue or will you rest on the hands of Naruto Uzumaki. -The only way to restore peace is for everyone to understand each other - Will the legacy of darkness ever end? Will you be the one to find peace? Is the only way to restore peace is to kill all the standing member of Akatsuki and recover the tailed beast placing them once again in the hands of good? You be the judge, write your own destiny. Good or Evil, you be the judge!

    .: A new Era : Shades of war:.
    The Sage of Six Paths had to do something. He was going insane. Being alone was something that no man should ever have to bestow. All that loneliness, rage, depression had finally built up, and the godly being had to do something. He went on a journey, traveling across his world, looking to discover new things. He stopped in his tracks on a day, and that’s when he discovered it. A magical art now known as Ninjutsu. The almighty Sage now had something to entertain himself with. With this came other arts, and as the Shinobi world began to unfold and populate, so did chaos. Soon, the Sage of Six Paths had grown very old, and he passed away. Some believe he still watches over today, but the ones who don't believe, are the ones to blame.

    After the death of the almighty being, selfish ninja broke free of the harmony that once was, and then there was the Hidden Villages. The villages were constantly disagreeing, always at war. There are still some who want and believe in peace, and those people, hunt for the Tailed Beasts. Apparently, when the Sage of Six Paths left the Ten-Tailed Demon that had broken away into separate demons. The Tailed Beasts, also called the Bijuu, were left to roam. The peace-keepers, or those who thought they were trying to keep peace, sought out the beasts, they thought , all nine of the beasts would re-summon the Ten-Tails that was stuck in the moon, and with that they would rule the world, always having peace and no war.

    An old toad once said, as he looks at his crystal orb, "One day, three children will meet each other. These are the children of Prophecy. They will be the ones to restore peace above all others." This is what he preached. There would be three children, talented children who would bring peace to the world. The believers of peace were actually the ones not to believe this, as they thought they would be the ones to restore peace--But they were selfish. More and more years passed, and the Old Toad said through his Crystal Orb to the shinobi nations, "These children are among you all. One will turn evil and flee his village. One will travel the world, looking for peace. And the last, will disappear, no where to be found. You foolish mortals will forget them all, but some will have these 'Sannin' in there memories..." And once more, no one believed the holy toad.

    These children truly were amongst these foolish beings. They were always training, getting stronger day in and day out--These kids were special. At young ages, they all mastered jutsu and ranked up ever so quickly. They all had special animals--Relating to their personality was the animal they could summon. The prophecy was unfolding. A team of three children, some did refer to them as the future Sannin--But one day it came true. One fled the village. He was the genius of the group, a true master of ninjutsu. But he had been undergoing experiments--killing innocent people. The other boy of the village stayed their, soon to be forgotten, he left and traveled the great nations, joining the other peace seekers. The third, the lady of the group had disappeared, never to be seen again. They were no longer famous, but they were still known. And one day, the genius would come back for revenge...

    After all of this there was another group. A group of orphans that one of Sannin had personally trained. There names were Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko. These children were also talented, Nagato even bearing the legendary rinnegan. It was the death of Yahiko that set Nagato off, the Sannin had continued traveling by then, but it was Nagato and Konan's turn to seek peace. After years later, the Sannin returned to his village to train a boy by the name of Naruto Uzumaki. He was truly the son of the prophecy, as he was talented but headstrong. More and more years passed, and it finally came to a head on train wreck of Nagato vs Naruto. This was a terrible bout, as Nagato ended up dead.

    Naruto was legendary as well, but after these years they have all passed. Peace has yet to be restored, but the Sannin still are out there. All the legendary figures, with the exception of the Sannin, have passed, leaving a new generation to come. This generation would take over; surpass the passed generations, truly being the ultimate era. This generation would cause even more Havoc then before, some of the deeds good and some of the deeds bad. Not just bad, terrible, horrifying. This generation was cruel, causing more war yet narrowing down more and more peace. The generational era has accomplished more things then any other, creating a world of pain, a world of sorrow...A world of shinobi.

    This world is known as the shade of wars, all have try all have failed. Peace has become a curse in this world, the more you search for peace, and the more hatred is form in this world. To know that this world has no savers, to know this world is cursed with lies. Little do we know that this is the beginning of a new era, the era of shadows? A world with no cure is a world with no peace, As we know it , this world will no longer be the same , The sage of the sixth path tried to change this world , using the creation of ninjutsu and new arts . He sacrifices his own life to seal the Juubi also known as the ten-tailed demon, in the Moon. But all shinobi failed to seek peace in this world; the sage is up their waiting for his dream to become a reality, his in the galactic heaves waiting for a reaction in this world, waiting for a change in this cruel world. Great powers did he give the world, great disasters were made. It all affected the new generations allowing this world to be curse, and there is no cure. No hero to stand up to this cruel world. But today we still have hope we all give our hope to you. Because you will be the one to save this world, -The only way to restore peace is for everyone to understand each other - Will the legacy of darkness ever end? Will you be the one to find peace? Is the only way to restore peace is to kill all the standing member of Akatsuki and recover the tailed beast placing them once again in the hands of good? You are the judge, write your own destiny. Good or evil, you be the judge!

    This a up and coming custom site , many posistions are still open so come and join now!

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