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    Neko Yasu Complete


    Neko Yasu

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    Neko Yasu Complete

    Post by Neko Yasu on Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:57 am

    Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    Character Image here

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me threw these troubles

    • Name : Neko
    • Middle Name : Gato
    • Last Name : Yasu
    • Age : [One year] {12}
    • Race : Arrancar
    • Gender : Female
    • Sexuality : Straight
    • Number : None


    {Espeda/Arrancar Only}


    • Resurrección Appearance : Her regular outfit turns into what has the looks of skin tight leather but really it's her mask, covering the rest of her body excluding a v that shows off a bit of her cleavage. She grows a tail and her teeth, already sharp, become sharper. Her nails sharpen and grow out into short and extremely sharp claws. Her eyes grow black and her hair goes white while her ears remain the same.
    • Call out phrase : Gato de Demonio
    • Resurreccion ability : Her reflexes, speed, hearing, and sight are hightened to an even higher level. It allows her to be more catlike and fight with ferocity.


    • Height : 4' 9"
    • Weight : 95 lbs.
    • Hair color & Style : Chin length straight black hair.
    • Eye color : Deep purple
    • Overall Appearance : Nearly flat chested, a few curves, short and looks breakable.


    Likes :

    § Cats
    § Sleeping
    § Eating
    § Pissing people off and being pet.

    • Dislikes :

    § Baths
    § Water
    § Dogs
    § People that think they are better then her

    • Flaws |

    § Easily Angered
    § Foul Mouthed

    • Habits |

    § Biting things when she is upset or nervous
    § Stroking the tip of her ears when she is bored

    • Fears : Dogs. As she is a partial cat, she is terrified of dogs. She is also afraid of the dark, afraid of deep water, afraid of fighting.
    • Goals : She plans to be as normal as possible although she is an arrancar. She is not much for really big plans, like taking over things, so she just sticks with owning her own house.
    • Overall Personality : Foul-Mouthed, Hyper, Bouncy, Extremely Happy (outside), Slightly Depressed (inside), Short Tempered [Much like the original Nami back when she was first made on Sar's first Naruto site]



    • Birthplace : On a street of Karakura, I suppose.
    • Family : None, she is just a loner. But would like family.
    • Overall history : Neko, although probably older, doesn't have any idea how old she really is. She only remembers the last part of her hollow hood and the last year of her new life. She was created by Urufu, a special human from the World of the Living, and Karakura Town(obviously).
    Raising his eyebrow, Urufu began speaking again. Curious.. this man would just leave the souls of the others? Perhaps it was time to show him what that meant. "You have condemned these other souls unworthy then? Perhaps I will show you what that will bring.." Raising his hand, many black threads shot from his palm, attaching themselves to the souls of the dead, which had begun to rise from the bodies. Then, the chords pulsed. Suddenly, every single chain attaching the souls to the bodies disappeared. He had forcefully removed them. Each soul fell and screamed in pain as they degenerated into a hollow. They tried to shift into hueco mundo, but Urufu didn't allow it. Finally, roughly 20 Hollow stood before them, ranging in size and shape. "And then eventually, this." Then, the hollows began to eat each other, Urufu awakening their primal hunger.

    As they ate each other, they congealed together and morphed into a single being. A gillian, also known as a Menos Grande. This hollow was roughly fifty feet tall, mainly pure black, with a ring of white spikes protruding from it's large, grotesque neck and white, pointed boots. It's hollow mask had a very long nose, and the hole in it's chest was quite large. All in all, it was quite ugly. "Then later in time.. into this." Forcing his own reiatsu into it, he let it evolve past it's form without the need for consuming more hollow. Morphing and changing, the hollow shifted down into a smaller form, appearing to be a large cat with a hollow mask and blades ejecting from it's back. "And then eventually.." At this point, the many threads in his hand had winded around each other, forming a braid of threads. Then, they melted slightly becoming one large chord.

    A crack appeared on the hollow's mask. This crack began on the top of the cat's face before splitting down the middle of it, causing it to break off completely. A single sliver remained on it's forehead. And then it changed again, reforming into a girl holding a large katana roughly four feet long. It's sliver had turned into a pair of cat ears on the top of it's head, and long black hair. It was pure black, and didn't appear to have any gender. Urufu, of course, could reshape her any way he wanted, there was no need for a gender yet. His eyes glowed a deep red that penetrated the room. "And that might be a problem." Urufu finished, snapping back his wrist that connected to the palm that connected to the chord that connected to the Arrancar. The arrancar disappeared, Sonido'ing beside Urufu and bowing down to him. Urufu was, of course, her lord and master. "Now then.. what I require from you is a mere moment inside of your inner world. Perhaps 4 seconds at best. After that, I will leave you on your way." He explained, his arrancar sheathing his blades and standing normally. Urufu didn't even need the chord anymore. She was perfectly loyal to the undead demon child.
    [End Flashback]

    Neko had been quiet her first week, earning her personality when she finally woke up from her 'dream sleep' as she put it. She got to look in the mirror for the first time when she was a month old. She found out that she had purple eyes and short black hair. She enjoyed that. She considered her unique look and no one else had it.

    Role Play Sample: Kuro lay on the soft grass beneath her quietly, staring up at the sky with her dark brown eyes. Some of the black hair hung in her face but the rest of it was splayed out around her head like a halo. Her hands were resting delicately over her stomach as she breathed in and out slowly, watching the clouds take shape above her. She sighed, a little sad grimace on her face. She had to be the laziest Quincy she'd ever met. really, she never did anything unless Ashei ordered her to... unless it were to save lives.

    Kuro's eyes widened and she shot up into a sitting position immediately as she heard the humming above her. She cocked her head, standing and jumping into the tree to figure out what was going on. With a shocked look, she stared at the man that had been above her. "Who are you?" She asked quietly, her eyes wide but nothing about her giving away hostility.

    Kuro relaxed a bit, her limbs not as stiff and untrustworthy as before. "Kuroda Harumi, Quincy. Nice to meet you, Kuroden." She smiled, barely showing off her white teeth that hid behind her plump lips. "If you are a Vizard then do you live within Karakura?"

    Kuro blushed slightly as he kissed her hand, wiping it away as soon as she could. She noticed his eyes, the lovely silver color they were made her warm inside. As he complimented her, she blushed again, this time darker as she was unable to be rid of it. "Thank you, your name is quite handsome as well, fitting for a man such as you." She paused before saying, "I am glad that someone else is protecting Karakura as I am, this place is home to my friends and family and I would hate to see it destroyed. It is too beautiful a place." She saw the glint of light on Kuroden's canine tooth and glanced at it, her attention caught.

    Kuro watched the butterfly with wonder, keeping her eyes on the butterfly but listening intently as Kuroden spoke. "Karakura town, so insignificant to the rest of the world but so large to the spiritual world." She almost reached out to touch it when it flew away, causing her eyes to follow it until she felt Kuroden's hands near her head. When Kuro felt his hands move away, she returned her curious liquid chocolate eyes back to him. "You refer to me as an angel. Why? I am not magnificent as the heavenly beings are." All the while, she rubbed her thumb and her pointer finger along a petal of the rose in her hair.

    His laugh made Kuro's eyes widen again, a curious and almost childlike wonder forming on her face. She put her hand over his, an automatic reaction to the touch of someone else. She didn't blush, as most girls would, for she had never loved or had a big enough 'crush', as people called it, to feel that way about the touch of a man. His sincere words made her smile and blush again, "Thank you... no one has ever said that to me before." Another butterfly flapped by and her eyes flashed up to it to follow it, enjoying the beauty of it.

    Kuro flushed bright red as she realized what he was doing. Just a moment ago, she had seen the anger flash across his face for a split second before it vanished. After that he had said, "Some people are merely drowned in their ignorance, my angel..." My Angel. That's what had caught her attention as he leaned towards her, leaving barely any space between them. She felt hot, and not a summer day kind of hot. It was a blissful and pleasure-filled feeling that she'd never felt before. How odd, She thought to herself, forgetting that she was so close to Kuro for a split second. It wasn't until he said, "I promise to make sure you always know that you are an angel" that she locked her eyes with his and stared into them, searching them curiously before hesitantly moving her lips to his.

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    Neko Yasu

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    Re: Neko Yasu Complete

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    Re: Neko Yasu Complete

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    Neko Yasu

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    Re: Neko Yasu Complete

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