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    Testing the Seireitei's defenses {South Gate}

    Baraggan Luisenbarn

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    Testing the Seireitei's defenses {South Gate}

    Post by Baraggan Luisenbarn on Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:35 pm

    Baraggan stepped out of the gate moving towards the big man in the middle of a massive door. "Hey gramps whats with the crown?" The fat head asked pointing at his own head in order to signify he was talking about baraggans hollow mask remains. "Oh dont you like it?" Baraggan said sarcasticly lightly chukeling as he shook his head. Makeing a shooing motion with his hand he spoke again. "Now step aside fat one or you will die." It was now the big guys turn to laugh. "Who do-" Baraggan didnt let him finish he sonidoed straight to the mans chest and struck him with the palm of his hand. Instantly the mans body began to age to dust it was moments befor it reach his heart and he died. Moving past him to the gate baraggan repeated the process till he had a hole to walk through comfortably. "So much for a defense, i wonder how ulquiorra did?" He said aloud question himself alomst as if expected to answer his own question.
    Byakuya / Yamamoto

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    Re: Testing the Seireitei's defenses {South Gate}

    Post by Byakuya / Yamamoto on Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:52 am

    Byakuya was seen on top of the gate just as the gate gaurdian fell. He pointed a bladeless sword at the killer. Espada, your old age will not recieve any merc from me. Those who disturb the peace of Seireitei will face execusion Byakuya's extended reach moved towards his gray eyes as he lifted a left index at his target. Hado no yon Byakurai Byakuya's attack came in the form of a white lightning that would jolt past Barragan's left ear as to serve a warning.

    Kushi J

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    Re: Testing the Seireitei's defenses {South Gate}

    Post by Kushi J on Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:13 am

    Another senkaimon had opened at the south gate of the seireitei's walls. As it slowly showed a black man with braded hair and blind men glasses on. When the gate was opened Kaname walked out of it into the area of where byakuya and Baraggan were at. He looked toward the way of baraggan and said. "It's time to go Baraggan Open your gate and leave at once Lord aizen must hear of your progress." Kaname said as he then shunpoed toward the area of another espada.


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    Re: Testing the Seireitei's defenses {South Gate}

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