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    The embodiment of despair (yuuki izunaru) done


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    The embodiment of despair (yuuki izunaru) done

    Post by Yuuki on Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:41 pm

    [center][font=Times New Roman][center]Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    Character Image here
    [img] [/img]

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me threw these troubles

    • Name :Yuuki
    • Last Name :izunaru
    • Age : appears to be 17 yet in reality she is 2,500 years old
    • Race :Ex espada
    • Gender :Female
    • Sexuality :Straight
    • Number : ex- cero espada

    *appearance: yuuki is a petite woman only standing 5,8.she wears a White hooded kimono with black flower like patterns covering it which is actually her arrancar outfit. Yuuki rarely takes her hood off but when when she does her face is revealed . She has soft creamy peach skin,her eyes are a soft,gold color but they mostly seem to carry sadness within them. her face itself is angelic and flawless and her lips full and a light pink color. her hair is white with a few strands of black.many humans mistake her as an angel due to her unnatural beauty which is hidden under the hood.on the small of her back still has the tattoo of the number 0 on her back.

    *personality: Lonely and depressed. Yuuki is the kind of girl that is alone and despite her kind and gentle nature towards people,people avoid her because of her ability to manipulate emotions. thinking that she would use it against them. Due to being alone for many centuries,Yuuki rarely speaks or rarely takes her hood down.but when she does speak.her voice is soft and quite.Yuuki is also extremely shy and will blush at almost anything. Yuuki also has a slight hard time with being around people because they would physically and emotionally harm her. causing her to be slightly distant. when people get to know her;she is sweet and friendly and loves to listen about the good things in their lives. they would also know that she loves to read and paint as well as singing and listening to music.In general,Yuuki hates fighting and will avoid it whenever she can but if someone she cares about is threatened she will not hesitate to defend her friends. surprisingly, she is a strong fighter for one who doesnt like to fight and can easily overpower her enemies that are below her ranking. though she doesnt like to admit or boast about it.

    *ressereccion name: mitsukai Akuma (angel demon)

    *release phrase: show them the light and blind them with darkness,"Mitsukai Akuma"

    **ressereccion appearance:

    *Special ability:

    Twin cero: Using light and dark matter while mixing it with her own reiatsu. Yuuki is able to shoot a cero that is more powerful than two gran ray cero. instead of from parts of her body, Yuuki can summon this cero from a shadow or any form of light.

    Shadow and light portals: Yuuki is able to teleport through shadows or rays of light and go where ever she wishes.however she has to already been in such a location in order to teleport there.

    Yin yang shield: Yuuki is able to create a shield that takes the form of a yin yang the attack makes contact with the shield. the shield shoots it right back at the enemy. it cannot do the same with physical attacks.

    Lightning beams: light in the form of lightning comes down from the sky and strikes the enemy. this technique can only exist when light is visible.if there is no light whatsoever then she cannot preform the technique.

    Shadow blades: Creating blades from the shadows around her,she can attack her opponent with them.

    Shadow clones: Yuuki can create an exact look a like of her opponent made from their own shadow.the shadow clones posses the same physical strength and spiritual energy of the original which allows the clones to use a cero or kido depending on the race.the clones will disappear when light hits them.

    Light and darkness control: Yuuki's ultimate power is to be able to control light and darkness in its pure form,using it for defense,attack,binding,and healing.

    Aspect ability: Emotion manipulation: Yuuki has the power to read her opponents feelings and can even see their past and intentions flash before her eyes giving her information over the person through physical contact. Giving her the ability to manipulate the emotions of the person she had touched. though she never really uses this unless she has to or has permission.though while she can manipulate his/her emotions,she also develops a severe understanding of the person's feelings and shares their pain and happiness as well.

    Human life
    Birth: thousands of years ago on April 14th, Yuuki was born in 8:00 am. when her mother died after her birth,she was left to be raised by her father who transformed into a loving and caring person;to a constantly angry and crazy psychopath. who blames yuuki for his wife's death

    Age 3: Yuuki's father forced her to take care of the entire household. if she ever made a mistake or a single flaw was found he would place four different tools in front of her.a whip,a wrench,a club,or a broomstick. she had to choose what she had to be beaten with. Yuuki's bedroom was a small,Dirty closet with a tiny wooden crate for her bed, with a filthy rag for a blanket.

    Age 5: Yuuki was never able to go to school for her father always kept her busy with new ,difficult chores as he watched and laughed at her struggle.Yuuki tried to run away every day,only to be caught by her father,beaten with broken bottles of sake and she was chained to his bed post every night to prevent her escape.

    Age10: As Yuuki grew a bit older,Her body became a bit matured and she was becoming more beautiful as she grew older. recognizing yuuki as an image of her mother. Her father became overcome with lust and attempted to rape her.desperate to defend herself,she grabbed his beer bottle and smashed it over his head.and attempted to flee but was caught by the ankle and dragged back into the bedroom. she was being beaten one day for an attempt to escape.her cries was carried throughout the small village. mothers and their children witnessed the brutal sight and arrested Yuuki's father throwing him in prison to rot. Yuuki was then put into a church to try to live a new life. there she met a boy her age and they became friends after exchanging stories which where surprising the same.

    Age 13: Yuuki grew up with the boy and even went to the same school with him. they both watched out for each other and despite being teased by all of the students they still had good lives in school. Yuuki even ended up falling in love with the boy since he was her only friend.

    Age 15: Yuuki went to high school with her crush. she always fantasized about them being together but thought that it could never be possible due to that he didnt show any signs of loving her back. but the next week to her surprise, he admitted his feelings for her and he kissed her.

    Age 17 and death: After dating for months. Yuuki's life was happy and content. life couldnt be any better. until one day she walked on her boyfriend sleeping with another woman. Yuuki's eyes couldnt believe what she was seeing. filled with grief. she ran out of the room before her boyfriend could stop her.She ran and ran and never turned the time she stopped she stumbled into a grave yard and fell asleep under a tree. unfortunately for her, a grave robber was lurking around the grave yard. seeing the sleeping girl under the tree and seeing how beautiful she was. he attempted to rape her. awoken by the feeling of her shirt becoming unbuttoned. she fought the male. trying to get him off of her. causing him to get frustrated to a point where he took out his switchblade and stabbed her to death.leaving her lifeless body under a tree. even in death tears ran down her face.

    hollow life and also time as an espada
    Due to the held on depression in her heart.Yuuki's soul transformed into a hollw. but this hollow was different. it took a form of a phoenix like creature both beautiful yet intimidating. for years she flew over las noches.survivng by absorbing spiritual energy alone. she didnt need to consume other hollows to gain power. she continued to fly over hueco mundo for 500 years. by this time the phoenix like hollow was becoming for humanoid. One day,Aizen found her flying over a few quartz trees and commented on her beauty. shyly the hollow spirit hid. only to have aizen find her due to the glowing light that followed her. with tosen and gin's help. they captured the hollow and used the hoygyoku on her transforming her form into a beautiful angelic like woman with a birthmark of the brilliant bird that she once was on her back. due to her powers, Aizen labeled her as the cero espada. she for years has been the secret weapon that fought against strong opponents that where believed to be equal to aizen. everytime she killed the person she absorbed their memories. leaving her with guilt trapped in her heart. as if it wasnt enough due to her beauty and innocent nature. many arrancar and aizen constantly abused her sexually,constantly groping and kissing her but she always managed to escape before they tried to rape her.the pressure built up until she couldnt take it anymore and left hueco mundo. leaving everyone behind. when aizen sent an army after her. He found them captured in a barrier of light with a message from yuuki saying she refused to kill any more people for his benefit. thus removing herself from his army.

    Many years passed and aizen and the army forgot all about yuuki. to this day she is seen wandring the forest of menos and the world of the living. seeking a purpose and a place of belonging.

    rp sample: On her way back to Orihime's,Reina was walking by some stores,parks,and inns.the sun was setting and the temperature became cooler.Reina was wearing her school uniform and was carrying her bag that carried Shiro and some of her belongings.her white and black hair was tied in a loose ponytail.her soft silver blue eyes seemed tired yet mostly bored.she sighed as the sun was slowly being replaced with the moon.As she was about to call orihime on her phone that she was on her way,a few raindrops fell on to her shirt and skin.Reina panicked a bit as her phone died and the rain fell harder.Reina then ran at full speed,looking for shelter.

    by the time she found a hotel,her clothes were soaked.she had checked into the hotel and rented a room.walking into the room she was going to stay in,she closed the door and locked it.her clothes was still dripping wet.Shiro,who was too cold to leave her bag,tossed out a white long sleeve button up shirt.Reina smiled at her fox and said,″thanks.″ while walking into the bathroom to change.

    A few minutes later Reina walked out of the bathroom wearing the white long sleeve button up that slightly covered a small portion of her thighs,having no shirt to wear underneath,she left her slightly damp bra and underwear on.Keeping her now dry,white and slightly black hair loose.she sat down on the sofa aand slightly frowned a bit as the weather forcastor on tv said that it would rain for the rest of the night.Reina turned off the tv and made tea for herself which she drank while sighing and listening to the rain gently tap against the glass of the window.

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    Re: The embodiment of despair (yuuki izunaru) done

    Post by Soren Kiyomeru on Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:26 am


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