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    Airen "The Siren" Karei (done!!)


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    Airen "The Siren" Karei (done!!)

    Post by Karei on Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:38 am

    Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    Character Image here

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me threw these troubles

    • Name : Karei
    • Middle Name : -----
    • Last Name : Airen
    • Age : [358] {25}
    • Race : Shinigami
    • Gender : Female
    • Sexuality : Heterosexual
    • Squad : 4
    • Seat : Captain
    • Ex-Squad : {Vizard's Only}
    • Ex-Seat : {Vizard's only}
    • Number : {Espeda Only}

    {Shinigami and Vizards only}


    • Name : Ookami
    • Inner Spirit : Ooka, as refered to by Karei and ONLY her, is a white wolf standing roughly six feet tall from paw to shoulder. He also has a human form, for when he's not training Karei and mearly discussing something with her.
    Wolf (for sparring with Karei):
    Human form (for just talking and mostly chewing her out)
    • Zanpakutou Appearance :
    • Inner World :


    • Released Form :
    • Phrase : Rip my enimy apart, Oookami!
    •Shikai Appearance :

    • Ability : Dark puppeter, in Shikai Karei can control and attack with shadows. Though she must be standing in the shadow she wishes to use and in boad day light her powers are almost drained.

    Bankai {Captains and Vice - Captains only}

    • Overall Ability : Dark Summoner, Bankai differs from Shikai in that Karei can summon beasts from the shadows. The rule of standing in the shadow still applies, but it also must be very dark, she mostly uses bankai at night or during storms.
    • Release phrase : Rip my enemy apart, Kuro Ookami
    • Bankai Appearance :


    • Mask Appearance :

    {Espeda/Arrancar Only}


    • Resurrección Appearance : (Insert here)
    • Call out phrase : (Insert here)
    • Resurreccion ability :

    {Humans Only}

    • Spiritual Power :
    • Weapons :

    {Quincys Only}

    •Mekkyaku (Quincy Cross) :
    • General Fighting Style :
    • Overall Ability :


    • Height : 5'7"
    • Weight : 135
    • Hair color & Style : Karei has short, red hair that eands at her shoulders.
    • Eye color : Her eyes are a light, tanish brown color
    • Overall Appearance : Karei is to put plainly a pretty girl, but she's never thought of herself as much. With short hair and light eyes she always thought herself to look a bit homely. Her body is the perfect curvy shape, not too round but not too flat either.


    Likes :

    § Training
    § Tea
    § Being with friends and allies
    § reading

    • Dislikes :

    § Loud noises
    § Annoying people
    § Being disrespected
    § Being feared

    • Flaws |

    § A bit of a bragger
    § Violent temper

    • Habits |

    § Chewing her nails
    § Drumming her fingers when she's bored

    • Fears : Being alone, snakes
    • Goals : Bring the soul society back to its former glory, to avenge her best friend who was killed by a hollow
    • Overall Personality : To put it simply, Karei is a kind person. Always by her friends side and there when you need her. Loyal, caring, and brave she'll help you stand back up when you've fallen. In battle and in training though, a new side of her comes out that makes her stand up to her nickname "The Siren". With her beauty and seemingly harmless nature, she draws her enimes close then strikes when their gaurd is down with deadly force. She isn't afraid to fight for what she believes in, and defend her friends and loved ones. So if you get on her bad side, you'd better have eyes in the back of your head.



    • Birthplace : Japan
    • Family : unknown
    • Overall history :

    World of the living: Karei had a tough childhood, from her parents fighting all the time to being pushed around or pushed away from everything. It was a lot for her to handle, the pressure was soon becoming far too much for a ten year old to deal with. So in the dead of night she ran away from home to find a new place to call home. Running for two days had made her weak, giving her a very bad feeling that something bad would happen very soon. Unfortuntely, she was right. On her third day a huge, gortesque snake like creature appeared in fornt of her. Trying to run away was pointless, it bit her leg and sent poison into her. For almost two days she lay there, crying from then pain. At last, at midnight on the third day she died.
    Serite: Arriving in the serite actually brought great comfort to Karei. At last she was far far away from her terrible life and was given a clean slate. Everything was turning out great for her so far, she'd found a friend here named Siya and they soon became like sisters. They grew up together, side by side and always there for each other. But it seemed tragity followed Karei everywhere, for on one of the days Karei and Siya went out walking, another strange creature appeared. This time Karei was so frightened she simply ran away, only coming back when she heard Siya being attacked. Karei cried for help for hours, until her voice was so low she could barely hear herself. Atlast just as Karei was about to give up, a person came and brought Siya into a medlab of some sorts. But there was no point, just as they were arriving, Siya died in the persons arms. Something snapped in her mind and at last she decided enough was enough. She'd made a vow as she watched her friend being burried three days later, she owuld avenge her, even if she died doing it.
    Academy: She enrolled into the Shinigami academy and would train for hours on end. training so hard, she'd only stop once she collapsed from exhaustion. Her friends and sensei's tried to convince her to stop and take it easy, but she'd always say 'I made a promise to Siya, and I'm a woman of my word!' Soon she'd become strong, and graduated from the academy and entered the Gotei 13.
    Present day; Now, thanks to defeating it's former captain, Karei is head captain of squad 4. Though she now has much more work to be done, her promise still sits in her mind. Nothing can get her to change her mind about it, she's is a woman of her word after all.
    Role Play Sample:
    In the captains quarters of squad four, Karei sits behind her desk scanning over some paper work. Disgrunteled, she throws the papers on the desk and rubs her temples.
    She rubs her right hand to try and get the writers cramp she'd developed to go away. Sighing she slumps back in her chair and looks outside.
    "When I don't have paper work it's pandemonium outside, but when I do and need something else to do it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop. It's offical, fate hates me."

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    J Sosuke

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    Re: Airen "The Siren" Karei (done!!)

    Post by J Sosuke on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:05 am


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