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    Yoake Kaogurokuina

    Yoake Kaogurokuina

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    Yoake Kaogurokuina

    Post by Yoake Kaogurokuina on Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:50 pm

    Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    Character Image here
    [img] [/img]

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me threw these troubles

    • Name :Yoake
    • Middle Name : none
    • Last Name : Kaogurokuina
    • Age : [365] {18}
    • Race : Shinigami
    • Gender : Female
    • Sexuality : Bi (leans to women)
    • Squad : 6
    • Seat : 3rd
    • Ex-Squad : {Vizard's Only}
    • Ex-Seat : {Vizard's only}
    • Number : {Espeda Only}

    {Shinigami and Vizards only}


    • Name : Amatsuhime
    • Inner Spirit : Is exactly like another woman but she is dressed in a brillant display of black or white white the aura wings she is generally very nice or cold depending on the person within her relam.
    • Zanpakutou Appearance : a regular katana with a purple hilt.
    • Inner World : The inner world in a temple in the sky in the temple are many wirtings on the walll and she seems t know the disturbing this that is wrote on the walls


    • Released Form :
    • Phrase : Cry, Amatsuhime
    •Shikai Appearance : The blade turns into a straight edge blade much like Urahara’s blade there is no guard but where the sword meets the hilt there is a purple bow with slightly long tails attached and at the bottom there is a short purple tail.
    • Ability : Souken Baria: The main offensive barrier anything it touches becomes undone the users life but not weapons and as it eats away at the opponent life the zanpaktou must stay in the opponent. some attacks slowly becomes undone as if it were being erased though with time it can be rendered weak and useless and the shield can shatter. (3 for big hits and about 6 for small 2 post recharge)

    Kyakka Jiken: Anything touched by the barrier gets reversed, so any wounds that have been healed and not completely sealed with enough excursion of energy the user can bring it back she can also reverse and damages or negative affects that have happened to that area. The user cannot reverse what time has set anything that must be permanent he cannot reverse. There is a time limit to this effect consisting of 6-8 posts depending on how good her reiatsu is.

    Suki Shikon: Is capable of firing a massive purple energy beam or blast out the tip of her sword and when she fires is either a weakened crescent shaped blast of pure energy or the massive beam like one which seems to be stronger.
    Bankai {Captains and Vice - Captains only}

    • Overall Ability :
    • Release phrase :
    • Bankai Appearance :


    • Mask Appearance :

    {Espeda/Arrancar Only}


    • Resurrección Appearance : (Insert here)
    • Call out phrase : (Insert here)
    • Resurreccion ability :

    {Humans Only}

    • Spiritual Power :
    • Weapons :

    {Quincys Only}

    •Mekkyaku (Quincy Cross) :
    • General Fighting Style :
    • Overall Ability :


    • Height : 5" 1'
    • Weight : 115
    • Hair color & Style : blonde keeps it in a bun with a bow
    • Eye color : purple
    • Overall Appearance : Iznami can be described to be very curvy body wise having a very sexy body with D-cupped breast her skin like her father is slightly pale her eyes being a icy blue color. Her uniform is tightly fit around her and exposing some of her breast making it sort of like a tease for guys and some girls. The sash coloring around her uniform would be a deep purple coloring while she wears a dark purple purple scarf around her neck.not hiding anything of her.

    Likes :

    § being pervy
    § training
    § having a good time

    • Dislikes :

    § being serious all the time
    § battling
    § male perverts
    § ramen

    • Flaws |

    § Hypocritcal
    § vainity

    • Habits |

    § walking around
    § getting distracted

    • Fears : she doesn't really have any
    • Goals : To become stronger
    • Overall Personality : Iznami against her fathers request he is quite pervy and tends to flirt with a lot of people not letting any of the pervs get ahold of her. She loves to party with people often making her a troublemaker. Besides that she seems to be quite deligent to her work as a shinigami trying to make her father happy that she can be a astounding Shinigami. and she'll do just about anything for her friends or the one she loves. which another bad spot is she tends to try to get somethingwhen she wants it.



    • Birthplace : Japan
    • Family : none
    • Overall history :
    znami Kiyomeru was a spiritual born child when Soren and his wife created her. Iznami had a decent childhood often spending time with each of her parents squads learning much about the siereitei coming to the age of five she asked her father when she could join the Siereitei and become it's leader him only smiling and said when you can defeat me. Iznami smiled at her father loving the way he joked about things because she knew she could take him and so as she progressed throughout the years training to become much like her mother and father one day while she was in the middle of a little mission. Her father had sent her on her mother encountered a vasto lorde class hollow and was slaughtered Iznami picked up on this signal and followed where her mothers reiatsu had went silent and so did her father. Iznami seeing her father stopped and hid in a nearby bush watching her father growing deep in sorrow then growing in anger as he activated his zanpaktou violent wind grew blowing the branches and trees overShe felt his reiatsu crushing she for a moment felt her pain mix with his own as well as he anger and she drew out her zanpaktou and for the first time released it and stood by her father with courage and pain.

    Soren looked at her with bewildering eyes as if to say what are you doing?! but then he looked back at the Hollow the only words escaping his lips was to stay away from the front area of him and she nooded moving tothe side the hollow laughing as he watched her. Soren making a rather large twister around the hollow as the wind blades cutting at the hollows heirro. While Iznami watched astonishly Soren stopping the twister trying to let Iznami take some pop shots at the vasto lorde that was previously injured from her mothers battle. knowing now what her zanpaktou was meant to do she stabbed her zanpaktou into the arrancar ever so slightly and waited as she watched him being coming undone his very existance rejected by her she loved it. After a few months she was assigned to squad 2 as the lieutenant by her father which starts a new adventure today.
    Role Play Sample:
    check Soren's profile me and him post alike sorta ^^.
    Soren Kiyomeru

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    Re: Yoake Kaogurokuina

    Post by Soren Kiyomeru on Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:52 pm


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