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    Sayama Makoto (done)


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    Sayama Makoto (done)

    Post by Sayama on Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:37 am

    [center][font=Times New Roman][center]Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    Character Image here

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me threw these troubles

    • Name :Sayama
    • Middle Name :none
    • Last Name :Makoto
    • Age : 17
    • Race : superhuman leader
    • Gender :female
    • Sexuality :bisexual


    personality: seductive and flirty . Sayama barely has any shame. she can sit there having a perfectly normal conversation with you. in just her bra and underwear and sometimes even naked and act like its not a problem. when perved on she will not hesitate to "punish" the person that does so by either using he abilities or teasing them with words or body gestures which match her mischievous behavior perfectly.when the time calls for it, she can be quite serious and wise.proving herself as a worthy leader each time. when she is in battle facing an enemy, she will occasionally tease them with a few mocking words while smirking once and awhile but other than that she rarely shows any emotion as she fights. when she is angered she will not hesitate to attack the person who is responsible for ticking her off whether its a kick or a use of her powers. she is also a slight masochist and takes some gratification from pain. making it difficult for a person to defeat her without slight fear or respect. In the end;Sayama is a friendly kind hearted person that can be relied on at any time.

    Special ability: element control

    Water: She can control water in its three states, or mist. she can even change its temperature from freezing cold to boiling hot . due to the body containing 80% of water she can temporarily bend a person to her wil lphysically but this technique can be easily overpower by someone with a strong mind and will.

    Fire: She can control fire and control its temperature from red flames to white. she can also change its shape and form.

    Earth: She can control the very earth that you stand up. summoning up boulders for defense to growing plants with healing properties for her wounds.

    Wind: Sayama has the power to control the wind and bend it to her will. also granting her the ability to fly. she can also summon lightning.she can also alter the air pressure by mixing it with her physical attacks.ex: she can kick her opponent sending him/her flying across the room..

    History: As a child,Sayama grew up in an abusive family. they constantly beat her,swore at her and severely abused her. until one day she couldnt take it anymore.when night broke through, she slipped out the window and ran away in search of a better life at the age of thirteen. She traveled to many different places. due to her talented ability to sing,dance,paint and draw. she was able to make a living by publicly singing songs while dancing and selling her artwork on the streets. making a fair amount of money for her to survive. when she turned at the age of fifteen. she was attacked by invisible creatures which where known as hollows and when they didnt attack she was constantly jumped and being chased by gangs that wanted her for themselves.Spending most of her live running away from them with no hope of escape. until one day she grew tired of running and stopped what she was doing. she glared at the monsters that attacked and said that she refused to run any longer. as her anger grew the earth cracked,the winds grew harsh,the nearby river flooded violently and fire erupted from the cracks of the earth. lightning came down and struck a hollow.killing it instantly. afraid, the rest of the hollows escaped through a garganta leaving sayama alone and confused at her new power. content with the strong feeling that she could now protect herself and others. she wandered back to her home only to be followed by people who had witnessed her power and showed her their own abilities. believing her to be their leader for she was one of the most powerful humans who walked the earth. accepting her new role she watches over karakura under a close eye and makes sure that no evil espada or shinigami gets away with dealing damage to karakura town without severe punishment. though due to her nature she likes to keep her powers and identity of being the superhuman leader a secret. only letting a few others know and nobody else.

    rp sample: see yuuki
    Yoake Kaogurokuina

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    Re: Sayama Makoto (done)

    Post by Yoake Kaogurokuina on Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:46 pm

    Ehh soren here and I'll approve it XD.

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