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    Kuraiyami Hana {Done}

    Kuraiyami Hana

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    Kuraiyami Hana {Done}

    Post by Kuraiyami Hana on Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:19 am

    Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me threw these troubles

    • Name : Kuraiyami
    • Middle Name : Hazu
    • Last Name : Hana
    • Age : 17 {17}
    • Race : Special Human
    • Gender : Female
    • Sexuality : Streight
    • Squad : N/A
    • Seat : N/A
    • Ex-Squad : N/A
    • Ex-Seat : N/A
    • Number : N/A


    • Spiritual Power : Weapon
    • Weapons : Rose whip
    Description: Kurai simply keeps a simple red rose hidden in her hair just in case something bad happens, But she foceses her spiratual energy into it, & a moment later it would turn into an long green whip, about 10 feet long & covered in thick thorns. This weapon can cut through almost any substance.



    • Height : 6ft 5
    • Weight : 124lbs.
    • Hair color & Style : Her hair is a bright orange; She usually changes her hair style every day from pig tails, to a single pony tail, to not haneing anything in it at all & letting it hang down her back.
    • Eye color : Light Blue
    • Overall Appearance : Kurai has bright orange hair almost reaching the floor if she never had it put up, & almost never frowns. She has light blue eyes & has been known to break out some small- frame rectangular glasses in school wehn she can't read far away. She will usually wear whatever she randomlly picks from her wardrobe on weekends & after school, but during school days she wears the original High School Uniform.


    Likes :

    § Makeing new friends
    § Her small White Kitty, Haru Hana
    § Trying new sports & foods
    § Pushing herself to the limit

    • Dislikes :

    § Seeing friends hurt
    § Being betrayed, Stolen from, lied to, ece.
    § Fish
    § Loseing, though she is a good sport.

    • Flaws |

    § She is terrably afraid of Shinigami, Vizard, Arrancar, Quincy, you get the idea.
    § If she sees a friend being hurt, she would probally go into a rage & try to kill that person hurting her friend.

    • Habits |

    § Giveing her trust to almost everyone she sees except shinigami & arrancar.
    § Tensing up around shinigami & arrancar, being scared witless; & will try to attck them if she thinks they man harm to her before she gets the chance to run away.

    • Fears : Loseing a friend to death.
    • Goals : To someday finish highschool & find the right collage to find a job sence she has no idea what she will do when she grows up.
    • Overall Personality : Kurai is a very spunky & almost allways happy girl who almost never frowns even in the most sad of situations. She loves makeing new friends & trying new thinks out but will never even come close to touching fish. Opposed to Haru{Picture shown, white cat}, This little cat loves getting into trouble & follows Kurai almost everywhere she goes, even to school. Haru also loves makeing friends, but has been knows to wander off sometime.



    • Birthplace : Karakura Hospital
    • Family : Hazumai Hana{Adoptive Grandmother; retired shinigami}
    • Overall history :

    Kurai was born into a normal human family, with normal human parents a s amall white cat that has lived with her almost her whole life, ever sence she was two years of age, over the years she has learned to love ice scateing, gymnastics, swimming, track, & many other types of sports. Though, her father died of a heart-attack at the age of 48 & her mother at the age of 41 by a car axcedent. Though, she has been raised by her Grandmother, Hazumai Hana sence then. Though, Hazumai is a shinigami, & Kurai knows that, & has learned afew things from her, includeing her trademark RoseWhip. Hazumai Has tryed to snap Kurai out of her fear of Shinigami, but it has never worked. Her Small White Cat, Haru Is still by her side as he allways was through her childhood & is only two years younger than Kurai.

    Role Play Sample:[/center]

    Kurai hummed lightly walking on the sidewalk, takeing equal steps & with Haru becide her, skipping lightly. Kurai had her Mp3 on & her headphones around her neck, but they were on loud enough for Haru to hear, which is why he was skipping. Kurai wore some dark blue jeans that were ripped slightly around her knees showing that she had worn them out abit, she also wore a light blue shirt with a picture of a Orange & a glass of orange juice with the orange saying, 'Mommy?'. Her hair was put up in pig tails with some left down, & she wore her favorite pair of running shoes.

    Then continued to walk untill they came across a small Sushi shop that Haru Love Love LOVED. Haru Purred loudly looking up to it & stopped for a moment, letting Kurai continue walking & licked his lips smelling the Sushi. Kurai looked abck at Haru, after not seeing him by her side anymore & took afew steps backwards & looked at the shop. "Oh no Haru, I'm not going in there. I hate fish. Expessallaly rotten fish." she said looking down to him. He looked up to her & mewed softly, giveing her, 'the look'. "No." she said sternly. He frowned abit & continued to walk like nothing's wrong But Kurai sighed gently, giveing up. "Fine..." she muttered weakly. Mewwing with happyness, he squessed into the small opening of the Sushi shop door & waited for Kurai.

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    Soren Kiyomeru

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    Re: Kuraiyami Hana {Done}

    Post by Soren Kiyomeru on Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:23 am


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