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    Garrison Sarron


    Garrison Sarron

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    Garrison Sarron

    Post by Garrison Sarron on Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:35 am

    [center]Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    Character Image here
    [img] [/img]

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me threw these troubles

    • Name :Garrison
    • Middle Name :
    • Last Name :Sarron
    • Age : Old as the first Trick, but appearance is oly about 23 years old
    • Race :Rebel Shinigami
    • Gender :Male
    • Sexuality :Straight


    Immense Strength
    Seemingly Endless Reitsu
    Light Step Combat
    Immune to Illusions
    Can always see through lies


    • Name :The First Trick
    • Inner Spirit :The spirit is without look, it is simply the esscence of trickery and the bindings that come with it, it commonly will appear as a ghost of its wielder covered in chains
    • Zanpakutou Appearance :The sword is a gold blade with a orb guard at the hilt of a silver gold mix, while the hilt is a silver bar like hilt, a very simplistic build
    • Inner World :The Zanpaktou has no set inner world as it is constanly changing itself from one thing to another without any end or reason.


    • Released Form :Always in Shikai
    • Phrase :-
    •Shikai Appearance :-
    • Ability :Allows the user to control illusions and be able to create clones of himself, along with a great control over metal chains that he keeps within his robes.

    Bankai {Captains and Vice - Captains only}

    • Overall Ability :His Speed is increased to the level of light step, a speed that makes it seem as though he does not move, but is truely moving at hyper sonic speeds untrackable except by the extremely rare. His Illusions become more vivd and real, allowing him to deal great mental harm to his opponents, and allowing him to make them think that even the most bizzare illusions was real. He gains the ability to more or less use magic by being able to warp space and time around him to completely change the battle field when he needs to
    • Release phrase :Time For the Second Trick
    • Bankai Appearance :The Sword becomes a pinwheel oddly enough, but the pinwheel is attached to a ball and chain and is surprisingly easy to use, and the pinwheel is capable of spinning so fast it can pull or puch his enemies towards or away from himself.

    Ancient {Special}
    Release Phrase:It is time for the Final Trickery
    Abilities: Allows the user to warp and alter reality around him to suit him as he wishes, but he cannot effect other people with this, but he may change landscape and other things with this power, alos allows him to choose up to three people, and they become unable to use their strongest powers for the next six posts
    Appearance: The pinwheel transforms into twin blades much like his shikai, but one is pure silver and one is pure gold.


    • Height :7'11"
    • Weight :200
    • Hair color & Style :His hair is short spiked, and silver and gold that grows naturally from his hair in streaks, he constantly has to cut his hair as every morning he fins it has grown twelve inches
    • Eye color :Left:Silver with gold center Right: Gold with a silver center
    • Overall Appearance :


    Likes :

    §Games of Chance

    • Dislikes :

    §Bitter food
    §Billy Maze

    • Flaws |

    §Very ADHD

    • Habits |

    §Bites thumb when thinking
    §Never wears shoes

    • Fears :-
    • Goals :-
    • Overall Personality :His overall personality is not that hard to describe. He chooses to make no enemies and chooses to make no friends, choosing only to live as he wishes, free as the wind.



    • Birthplace :???
    • Family :The entire Sarron Family
    • Overall history :
    Nothing is known of his past other than the fact he has come from a group known as the Great 13, people whose powers are not measured by normal standards. Currently he is living in the human world playing tricks on humans and spirits alike in his cruel and odd humor. He spends most of his time at parties playing tricks on people.

    Soren Kiyomeru

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    Re: Garrison Sarron

    Post by Soren Kiyomeru on Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:36 am


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