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    To the states~! {Open to anyone who is currently STILL active on the site... :I}

    Kuraiyami Hana

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    To the states~! {Open to anyone who is currently STILL active on the site... :I}

    Post by Kuraiyami Hana on Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:26 am

    Kurai smiled widely looking around out from the taki's window, studying the scene from where wshe sat. Her grandmother sat becide her salso looking out of the window, & soon her excited white kitty jumped on her lap, also looking out of the window. "Nice, Hu Haru?" she said with a light laugh as Haru pressed his face agenst the glass looking out to the buildings of the United States. Kurai wore some normal dark blue jeans, & a red shirt with the number '96' on the top right corner of it, though the shirt seemed to be abit too tight for her, to where she had to pull it down every now & again. Her bright orange hair was put into two long pig tails done by her grandmother, & hung down almost to her lower back sence she had just gotten it trimmed.

    Before long, the taki came to a stop in front of a rather large hotel, they all got out, including the driver, who was kind enough to help them get their bags from the car & carry some of them to the hotel's entrence while Kurai's Grammy carryed some of them also. Haru was bounceing up & down once he was out of the taki, waiting for both of them. Kurai walked to the entrance, studying the hotel up & down, intrested in it. It was the first time she was ever at the states, & she felt like exploreing while she had the chance. Haru, soon hopped up behind her, & climbed up to her shoulder without any trouble, soon to begin lightly licking her ear, a habit of his when he was excited. Kurai laughed slightly, & began to scratch behind his ears before she looked back to the hotel, continueing to study it.

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