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    Naruto RPG

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    Naruto RPG

    Post by J Sosuke on Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:30 am

    The world had seen its fair share of conflicts, especially in the time of Uzumaki Naruto. However, even though peace had been brought to the world by this one boy, war quelled up again upon his disappearance.

    Everyone lived their lives as normal, many ninjas returning to the fray, wars erupting and villages being taken over. The Akatsuki had returned, first led by a certain Nexus but when he vanished, Mitsu took over and revived it.

    The legendary J Uzumaki of Konoha had taken over Hidden Sound to avenge his clan. He turned it back into it's rightful village - Ushizogakure, the village of Whirlpools.

    Alex had made her name on the Ninja World. She was secretly a daughter of Rikudo that bore the Rinnegan. However, after a large-scale fight where she vanquished her foe, she returned her eyes to normal. She currently resides at Hidden Sky, her age and personal information still yet unknown.

    The legendary Aiko had his fair share of trials and tribulations. He gave up on life many times but was brought back from the brink by his friends who helped him. He has changed his identity many times. Is he about to change it again?

    The mysterious Sesaro had become the only one to master Sage Mode. He had also fought the Akatsuki just outside Moon Village but the actual result of the fight is unknown to many. Will his descendants reveal his true legacy?

    Many more people have made their mark on history. But how is their future going to pan out?

    30 years pass.
    But what has changed?
    Many of the people who have made history have their own children or students of the same village now.
    Alex patiently waits in Hidden Sky, for these new ninja who she knows will help her defeat her new enemy.

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