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    Zenshiro's Zanpakuto


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    Zenshiro's Zanpakuto

    Post by Zenshiro on Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:41 am

    Name:Yamayana Asa (Endless Morning)

    Shikai word or phrase::Yamayana Asa (Endless Morning)

    Shikai powers:I am able to completely manipulate light while my blade excretes a pure white mist. I am able to use this mist as a projectile. It sleeks around like a whisky cloud of white smoke and is capable of deflecting attacks, consuming attacks, and swallowing live opponents (If they're not swift enough).

    Bankai Name:: Yamayana Asa Funsui (Endless Morning Water Fountain)

    Bankai Powers:My sword releases an immense pulse that rips all light from their surface. A vortex of light envelopes me and when revealed my sword is no longer my weapon specifically. All light are my weapons. My abilities have increased in magnitude and strength while allotting me new, more improved skills. I am much more agile as I use the light to boost my speed. Not only can I control the light more easily, but It coats me in a white, silky silhouette that protects me from attacks. (The white, silky silhouette can last up to 3 posts and reused after 6 posts.)

    Element: Light

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    Re: Zenshiro's Zanpakuto

    Post by J Sosuke on Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:42 am


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