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    Zenshiro's Tao and kido learned by his sensei


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    Zenshiro's Tao and kido learned by his sensei

    Post by Zenshiro on Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:57 am

    Taoshi Information

    Element you control: Light

    Taoshi Form 2-4 (Equivalent to a shikai):

    Taoshi Form 5 (Equivalent to a bankai): The armor shatters and Zenshiro appears in same clothing but he wear white clothing. In this form, his speed is greatly enhanced and his style is using a sword with 1 hand.

    Tao Form 5 picture

    Bankai+Taoshi Form 5:If Zenshiro activates bankai while he is in his final Taoshi form, the two forms combine to create Taiyou Gesshoku (Solar Eclipse). He wear a cloak,gray pant, two headbands covering his eyes and two steel brasket on both arm.One of steel brasket has a chain attached to it.He become blind which the reason why he wear two headbands covering his eyes and his grow hair longer.His zanpakuto tranfrom into short sword that look similar to kunai.His sight is exchanged for 20% increase on kido in this form.

    Taoshi Final Attack: Clash of the Sun. When Zenshiro uses this technique, his taoshi spirit, Aska appear during battle. A wave of light aura surround me while I charges, led by my taoshi spirit Aska. My taoshi spirit appear in front of me and remove energy from Zenshiro’s body after the attack I can’t use my tao power for next 24 hours after my final attack is used.

    Other abilities:

    Souzouryoku: The ability to materialize objects using reiatsu. These objects are extremely fragile if they are used for defense but if used for offense, are as strong as a zanpakuto.
    Zenshiro learn this ability from his sensei Sano Seishiro. He can clash sword
    created through this technique unlike Seishiro.

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    J Sosuke

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    Re: Zenshiro's Tao and kido learned by his sensei

    Post by J Sosuke on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:08 am


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