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    Zenshiro Takeru [W.I.P]


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    Zenshiro Takeru [W.I.P]

    Post by Zenshiro on Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:40 am

    Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    Character Image here

    •Name :Zenshiro
    •Middle Name :
    •Last Name :Takeru
    • Age : [980] {25}
    • Race :Hybrid
    • Gender :Male
    • Sexuality : Straight
    • Ex-Squad : 13
    • Ex-Seat : Captain

    •{Shinigami and Vizards only}


    • Name :Yamayana Asa (Endless Morning)
    • Inner Spirit :
    • Zanpakutou Appearance :
    :--My swords sheath is white with a single black stripe riding down the middle. The actual swords appearance is similar to a typical kanata. However, the blade is a dark grey and the handle is completely white. The blade is longer than the average katana and the blade is slightly curved. I do not have my sword hidden beneath a robe or displayed anywhere on my body. My sword is actually concealed within my own light and. So to summon it, my light simply dissipates and generates into my sheathed zanpakuto.

    • Inner World :


    • Released Form :I am able to completely manipulate light while my blade excretes a pure white mist. I am able to use this mist as a projectile. It sleeks around like a whisky cloud of white smoke and is capable of deflecting attacks, consuming attacks, and swallowing live opponents (If they're not swift enough).
    • Phrase : Simply say my Zanpakuto's name, Yamayana Yarayishii.
    •Shikai Appearance :In this form the blade becomes a solid white with an azure (purplish-blue) silhouette.
    • Ability : (The white, silky silhouette can last up to 3 posts and reused after 6 posts.)

    Bankai {Captains and Vice - Captains only}

    • Overall Ability :My abilities have increased in magnitude and stength while alotting me new, more improved skills. I am much more agile as I use the lights to boost my speed. Not only can I control the light more easily, but It coats me in a white, silky silhouette that protects me from attacks. (The white, silky silhouette can last up to 3 posts and reused after 6 posts.)
    • Release phrase :Bankai.Yamayana Asa Funsui(Endless Morning Water Fountain)
    • Bankai Appearance : My sword releases an immense pulse that rips all lights from their surface. A vortex of light envelopes me and when revealed my sword is no longer my weapon specifically. All lights are my weapons.


    • Height :
    • Weight :
    • Hair color & Style :
    • Eye color :
    • Overall Appearance :

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me threw these troubles[/img]



    Likes :

    § Baseball
    § Sushi
    § Milk
    § Taiko (a Japanese drum).

    • Dislikes :

    § His friends getting hurt or injured.

    • Flaws |

    § Native

    • Habits |


    • Fears :
    • Goals :
    • Overall Personality : Easygoing



    • Birthplace :
    • Family :
    • Overall history :
    Life as a Human: Zenshiro was next heir of Takeru Clan. He decline being third heir because he want to be baseball player. One of his guardian named Kubinashi told him that it wasn’t for being in royal heritage but to protect the other clan also. He decided to become third heir after what Kubinashi told him. Zenshiro later died saving a boy from a hollow at age of 25.His younger brother named Kouhei took over being third heir.

    Life as a Plus: I felt that I was going to die for sure. A man in black kimono perform soul burial on me and told me that my life wasn’t in vain.

    Life in Rokongai: I appear in 3 - Hokutan (北端), part of West Rokogai. I thought I was dead for sure after that thing attack me. I asked the stranger walking by“ Where am I?” The stranger replied ” You are in Districts 3 of West Rokongai ”I never heard of this place before so I decided to look around. There was shops or market stalls offering goods for sale. I asked one of owner of a market if I can have a job here. The owner accept me for the job and I start working. I manage to live through this city. The next day, a hollow attack on Districts 3 and everyone was running as they scream. It look like same one that attack the boy. The hollow was about to attack me and a shinigami kill it in one hit. I asked him about that thing and what is he. He told me that it was hollow and it was his duty to stop them as shinigami. I told him I want to be shinigami and he led me to shinigami academy.

    Life in Shinigami Academy: After joining the Shinigami Academy, Zenshiro was thinking kido was magic in a friendly mood. The other students thought I was some kind of carefree nuts. My abilities in kido was decent. The hidden talent I have were zanjutsu and shunpo. I was 5th best in zanjutsu and shunpo. Zenshiro graduated in 2 years and was sent to division 13.

    Life in division: The first few week of division 13 was not bad. A another hollows attack came on Rokongai. I said as I saw group of hollows “ Oi these hollows sure are huge”. I have smile on my face as I said it. The other shinigami and me start killing hollow. Later, I decided to join kidos corp because I was interested when I first saw it during shinigami academy. I met Seishiro and blaze when I join kidos corp. Seishiro teached me a kido called souzouryoku. Zenshiro master shikai and bankai in 60 years. His current captain was going to be in 0 division so Zenshiro was decided to be next captain.

    Life as a vaizard: It been 900 years since hollowfication happened. Akuseru want me and 13 former other captains for a experiment. All the captain became vaizards and Akuseru created a organization called the 14 vaizards. Our leader Akuseru grew corrupt and eight former captain decided to revolt against him. We manage to defeat him and other. Soul Society was no longer a place that we can live. They travel on the earth to look for a place to fit in. Everyone end up in hidden, forbidden city somewhere in the mountains of China. A villager elder greet us and sense unnecessary evil within eights captains which is our inner hollows. All of the captains except Nasaru replaced their inner hollow with tao. He would need his inner hollow control his aspect of nature. The eight captains became taoshi.

    Life as a Taoshi: 850 years ago, the eight captain were learning to how to use tao by elder. They got tao that suit their abilities in battle and start training. Zenshiro became the Taoshi of Light and decided to stay here to master tao. There was news about Sousuke Aizen and 2 other captains betraying the Soul Society. All eight captains prepared for battle against Aizen . It turned out that Aizen was already defeated when they reached Karauura. The Taoshi were last seen in Karakura Town.

    Role Play Sample:

    A shinigami and a zanpakuto were fighting each in a inner realm.The shinigami used a katana made from souzouryoku and his zanpakuto used a Spatha. Zenshiro’s zanapakuto was a man that has the appearance of someone in mafia. Both of them clash and hop back. Yamayana Asa "You need to get rid of softness. " Zenshiro replied "Sorry Yamayana Asa I don't think it will happen. Yamayana Asa called him a native brat and and shout "Bring on native brat! Zenshiro asked his zanpakuto about the sword and his zanpakuto said that he doesn't care about what weapon he using as long it is a sword.Both of them jump in air and clashed as they crossed their sword.Zenshiro and Yamayana Asa 's sword were split across the blade after they touch the ground.Zenshiro said " Oi it look like draw' and have to leave.His zanpakuto thank him for the spar and Zenshiro left his zanpakuto's inner realm.He went to the kido corps to train his kido and his sensei Seishiro came.

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