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    One Piece: Grand Adventure


    Kamina Gurren

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    One Piece: Grand Adventure

    Post by Kamina Gurren on Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:07 pm

    It has been about 70 years since Monkey D. Luffy went out on there adventure to make it to the grand line and get the pirate kings treasure but along the way they passed through many hardships and near death battles. When they were about to get the pirate kings treasure they were warped, some say they were killed and others say that it was all of the killing sins they have commited took them to davy jones locker but this fact is unknown. Now every one thought that the pirate age was over and every one could live in peace but one day there was a large out break of pirates, this new age of pirates needed to be stopped so now the world goverment has hired hundreds and may be even thousand of people on to the marines to exterminate these pirates. The age of the pirates has re-awakened, will you be the next pirate king or will you be the marine hero that killed the strongest pirates? You decide.

    Forum Rules:

    1) Do not ask for personal information from anyone, this includes account information.

    2) No adult content, with this I mean things like hentai, porn, etc.

    3) Before role-playing please read all of our guides so you may know everything you have to such as, your characters atribute points, technique points, ranks & there starting areas.

    4) Do not advertise through ways of private messages, if you do you will be ip banned from this rpg.

    Role-Playing Rules:

    1) Try not to meta-game

    2) Make your character in the correct area, doing it with the correct template while filling it in correctly.

    3) You may only have 1 character per account, you are free to have as many accounts as you want. Even if you want to make 10 accounts and make them all join your crew it is ok.

    4) Wait for your character to be approved before you start role-playing with it.

    5) After your character is approved please put your total stats (stats with bonuses of techniques) in your signature and moderate how your durability goes down.

    Chat Box Rules

    1) Moderators may not abuse there powers, pm me if they did.

    2) Do not fight in the chat box

    3) No advertising in the chat box, if we find out you are you will be banned from the chat box

    4) Do not spam in the chat box

    Stat System:

    We are working with a strict stat system taht will assure that a pirate wanna be can't beat a marine admiral. They are simple to follow and understand as long as you have a shred of iq points and can analyze.

    This guide, is both a guide, where you will have a explaination on the different attributes that is used, what they are used for, as well as what power they grant. When choosing techniques, be sure to look at the requirment, as they will require a certain level of mastery in a skill, to be able to be used.


    Agility: Agility is probably your most important attribute. It determines your movement speed, your reaction speed, your jumping ability, and your ability to dodge attacks.

    Endurance: Endurance is your second most important attribute. It determines your ability to take damage, reducing damage, and your stamina for how long you can battle while taking damage.

    Swordsmanship: It determines your cutting strength, swinging speed, your eye perception when it comes to hitting your opponent, and your ability to defend from attacks. Unlocks more advanced swordsman techniques.

    Martial Arts: It determines your kicking and punching strength, and attack speed, as well as your eye perception when it comes to hitting your opponent and your ability to defend from attacks. Unlocks more advanced martial art techniques.

    Marksmanship: It determines your long distance vision, and ability to aim at a far distance and hit your target. It also determines the level lf lethal a gun or rifle is.

    Haki: It is a boosting ability, to read movements or nullfill devil fruit abilities.

    Devil Fruit: It determines the level of power your devil fruit holds. Certain abilities is not affected, but some alot of fruits powers is based on the devil fruit.

    Rokushiki: It determines the level of power, your Rokushiki abilities will grant, and the level of bonus it will grant, to your agility.

    Special Features:

    We currently have a line of special features that will assure you will never be bred of doing the same thing. First we have story mode missions and free roam, let me explain this for you: Free Roam:

    With the function of free roam you are not limited to story missions. In free roam you will be able to face other pirate crews and marines at different battlefields to be able to work with your crew unlike some story missions where it can only be you versus another NPC. Even though free roam is not part of the story and there isn't any special guide of what you gain when battling but I assure you get a atribute or ap boost either you win or lose. Free roam battles may also increase your bounty and make you acnowledged in this world which will also make you closer to ranking up and win the admiration of young pirates. The last detail about free roam battles is that you may always be killed or captured.

    Story Mode:

    Story mode is a special feature here at One Piece Grand Adventure (OPGA). This feature is a very special one as it will allow you to battle your favorite OP characters and you battling them some one else will play as them which will produce more fun and action for all particapents. Another way story mode is good for us all is that pretty much all of them offer a stat bonus and a character that may join your crew, but remember that in each story mode battle you may not take all of the offered characters. Story mode missions may be done multiple times and with this I mean that different people may do the story mode missions but you may not do the same mission twice with the same acount. Story mode missions are highly recommended becuase it is the easiest way to rank up.

    Other then free and story mode we have a guide especially for those who would like to fight by swords and we also have a guide for those who would like to fight on sea on a pirate ship, this is how it goes: Sword Battles is having a unique, form of battle form. It is based on the game: The way of the Samurai 3, as well as the One Piece Manga.

    Every high-grade sword, in the roleplay, is given two different stats, and they are: Durability & Attack. It is not so hard to figure out, what these stats do. Durability is how much damage the sword is capable of taking, and the Attack is how much damage the sword inflict.

    Altough, it is very important that you do not think that Attack, inflicts any damage on people, it is the stat which inflict damage, on opponents sword. If your, or your opponents sword, reaches 0 in Durability, the sword breaks.

    You will be able to repair broken, or damaged swords, in all of the Weapon shops, so you need to keep an eye on your Durability. Non-grade swords, which is swords you simply just have, and give no stats, they have the lowest of stats, being 1 in Durability & 1 in Attack.

    Now, to further explain how the battles is unqie. You may think that each clash of the sword will then determine the Durability vs Attack, but that is incorrect, while also it works that way.

    Once you reach the state of Expert Swordsman, you will be able to cut steel. There will exist techniques which have that very ability. And it exist other techniques, which also is damaging to the opponents sword.

    When that technique is used, it becomes a clash between Attack vs Durability. If Durability reaches 0, it is destroyed. The damage is also stacked, in-case such attack is used more then once.

    Who wins the clash, is determined by superior swordsmanship attribute, and the circumstances, such as the sword breaking, or which move is used, to how you move, or swing the sword. While you can also tie, or simply enter a deadlock, where the swords are clashed, and neither is capable of moving them. This happens, when the Swordsmanship stat, is pretty equal. And it becomes a question on who got the most destructive force and power.

    This roleplay features a new battlefield and type of battle called; Sea Battle.

    Sea Battles occur when you attack a pirate, or pirate crew, which have a 3 island radius around you, using "Free Roam". This will also be very common for Marines, to intercept Pirates, using such methods.

    All ships, will have a DEF & ATK. They are the defense, which is how much damage, the Ship can take, and the amount of damage, the ship does.

    During this battle, the battlefield is the Ocean, and the two ships. You can board the other ship, and fight in close combat, or fight in a distance. Your ship can shoot Cannonballs, or other weapons against the other ship, while the pirates may also attack the ships. The pirates damage, is the same as the ship, and you win, by having the opponent escape, or sink.

    If you sink, you drown or is eated by a Sea King, therefore there is no saving one another. Only species which is allowed to be in the Water, or even fight in the water, is Fishmen.

    To prevent your ship, from taking damage, you need to defend it. We have seen such actions be performed in the One Piece Manga & Anime, and you are supposed to do the same. However, be assured that if you leave the ship and board another, defending your ship, might be a very hard feature.

    Therefore, facing a crew who is strong in long distance fighting, it may be a wise choice, to get close, to ensure that you can fight in close distance.

    As you start your journey, you only posses a basic ship. You will be able to buy new, better ships on your journey, as well as to upgrade the ships with special weapons, and defenses. (Increase Atk & HP) and gaining some better abilities.

    These ships, apply to all characters, no matter what rank, until they switch ship.

    Pirate Ship

    500,000 HP, 50,000 Damage.

    Marine Ship

    500,000 HP, 75,000 Damage.

    Footnote: sword damage to another sword is there attack unless a ability says so and when a ship shoots a cannonball, the damage is the ships attack.

    Available staff ranks:

    - 2 admin positions

    - 1 head moderator positions

    - 2 moderator positions

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