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    Bleach: Destiny's Door



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    Bleach: Destiny's Door

    Post by BDDADMIN on Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:59 pm


    Bleach: Destiny's Door is a new Bleach RP site set up with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in mind, all are welcome...except for spammers and people that just want to cause trouble of course. The staff on the site are responsible and active , not to mention friendly. The site incorporates canon Bleach characters (that are not dead in the series) and also welcomes OC's/original characters.

    The Current Plot:

    The Disappearance Arc
    After having defeated their enemies and restoring peace to the Soul Society once more, the Gotei 13 had it snatched from their grasp yet again. On what seemed a normal night a far from normal phenomenon took place. An eerie light rippled through the sky of the Soul Society, none could not look up and see the spectacle. At first it was thought that it was no more than a pretty yet unusual light in the sky...that was before the morning came. As the sun rose and officers failed to report for their duties it became noticeable that many had disappeared overnight. What was that phenomenon? and where were those that went missing? Who was responsible? Searches were carried out with no signs of those that had gone that night. There was only one option for those remaining, rebuild what was lost and gain the strength they needed to find those responsible. All other races also felt the effect of the phenomenon that night, members of their races simply disappearing in the night. They too struggle to rebuild the ranks they lost and ask the questions what? Why? Who?

    The Gotei 13 gained captains once more, A new Captain commander stepped forward; Hiryo Yuzuki. A young man with ideals and the skills to ensure the rest of the Gotei 13 stands in line. The Espada's ranks filled rapidly with them being lead by the powerful newcomer Incognita. Both leaders watched as their strength and stabilty was beginning to return.

    Weeks passed and slowly those that went missing began to return, their memories however of the event and the time they spent missing was apparently gone. Finding it suspicious that they went missing and have returned convieniently with no memories the central 46 did not trust the returned. They were not given their ranks back and trust was hard for them to find. Perhaps their old and true friends would trust them still and believe their story..they would right?

    So come on check it out see if you like it ^^ what do you have to lose? nothing that's what and you may have alot to gain ^^

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