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    Soren Kiyomeru 5th division captain.

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    Soren Kiyomeru 5th division captain.

    Post by Soren Kiyomeru on Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:18 pm

    Bleach : Sukkarakan Kire

    Character Image here

    I hear whispers along the wind, guiding me through these troubles...

    • Name : Soren
    • Middle Name : Kyuseishu
    • Last Name : Kiyomeru
    • Age : [750] {21}
    • Race : Shinigami
    • Gender : male
    • Sexuality : Straight
    • Squad : 5
    • Seat : Captain

    {Shinigami and Vizards only}


    • Name : Fenikkusuraitoringu
    • Inner Spirit : The zanpaktou is a pure white phoenix that has some resemblance to a song bird with it's long tail and rather elegant appearance the beak coming down in a slight curve the spirits eyes are a glowing warmth red coloring that shows passion, mercy, and a deep anger or sadness.
    • Zanpakutou Appearance : Fenikkusuraitoringu is a pure white zanpaktou that is about one foot longer then a average sized zanpaktou. along with is white coloring the knuckle guard is shaped is a four pointed star with another underlying beneath the top is a x formation making it a total of eight points. The hilt is has enough space for it to be a two handed zanpaktou but due to its rather light weight it is preferably one handed.
    • Inner World : The inner world of Fenikkusuraitoringu is the sky close to space about evening time few clouds in the sky with various colors with purplish blues to a pastel pink coloring the sky however is black at the top but as the sky surround the earth is grows light from a deep purple getting closer to a evening red. Beneath them both is a land being scorched by an entanglement of black and white fire. The spirit states that if his twin is either killed or reunited with him that the fire will settle and that the lands below would return to their normal state.


    • Released Form : ???
    • Phrase : Soar, Fenikkusuraitoringu
    •Shikai Appearance : The blade gains a rather long white tail hanging from the hilt. With his zanpaktou having somewhat of a inner glow radiating heat from that light and the blade itself although extremely hot anyone whom isn't against Soren won't truly feel the heat of the blade. Finally at the knuckle guard Soren’s guard has a white flame coming up and back which resembles wing in a way Since soren is used to the flames they do not burn him all that much. With this Soren can manipulate the light and fire element.
    • Ability : First Dance, Howaitosuta: With this ability Soren is able to garther up light from his zanpaktou and the stars in the sky whether it be day or night and making a circle aroun the opponent a release all the energy he had stored in a pillar of light.

    Second Dance,Shinseina hi nisshoku: White fire surrounds his blade and Soren's flash step slightly exceeds itself but he surrounds the opponent unleash crescent shape blast from his zanpaktou often sending his opponent in the air at the very end releases a gegustua tensho type of blast to finish his opponent.

    Third Dance, Hane no arashi: During this dance Soren summons a aura like pheonix and from it's body it begins to rain feather of two types light and fire the fire ones acting slightly like a bomb and exploding on contact while the light ones upon impact turn into a white blade which can be stabbed or caught for use by Soren or his opponent.

    Fourth dance, Shirudo~ingu: In dire situations Soren gets in a pose similar to tilting his zanpaktou down at a angle and placing a hand on his blade sending reiryoku to summon out either a light shield or fire shield as before the fire shield can make most things ash while the light blind and restores a bit of reiryoku if it's a kido projectile.

    Bankai {Captains and Vice - Captains only}

    • Overall Ability : White dance, Danshinguburēdo : The manuever catches both of people fighting within a areana marked by towers of floating glowing white blades which Soren can use to summon to his hand also when he summons the blades they can be used white fire eplosives.

    Final dance, Fenikkususutoraiki- Placing all of his reiryoku inside his body his beastlike appearance skrinks into his sword having a small amount of reiatsu leaking from him it gives the feeling of having no reitsu within or around him. This is a single thrust aim for the person's center area on dash a white crescent wave is released acting like a shield at time or for effect on contact a large blast envolpes both Soren and his enemy causing critical damage to both of them.

    Tengoku no ikari: Soren makes a swift circle in the air with his blade as a barrier of light as strong as a level 83 Bakuto forms about the opponents as blades of fire rain from the sky down upon his enemies, the light reaches sixty miles high, and will adjust in size according to the being inside it. These flames latch to whatever they hit and continue to burn as long as Soren wills them to, or until he is out of reitsu.

    Tengoku no nenshō tera: This ability allows Soren to summon a design etching on the ground within this area of a mile large beams of white fire connect to form a pyriamid shaped object and within that area immidaitely after summoning smaller beams quickly fill in the center and once it is fully covered it seemed to make a large explosion sstonger to that of Ulquiorra's lance of thunder and lighting.

    • Release phrase : Soar and deliver the unjst into the light even it means a sacrifice of the heart, bankai, Raitoringufenikkusu maiagaru.
    • Bankai Appearance : In his Bankai He seems to grow a armor like reiryuko about him making it in the shaped of white reiryuko wings coming down in a tail and onto his hands as claws since the release is made from pure light It gives him some good and bad avantages such as one of the bad advantages is that due to the mass amount light on his body does not allow for cover. Although another good thing is that from that amount of light they cannot be looking directly at him otherwise their vision would not be as decent.


    • Height : 6 ft 2 in
    • Weight : 175
    • Hair color & Style : Pure white medium length kinda swerves to the right (sorta like my avvy’s hair)
    • Eye color : Icy blue
    • Overall Appearance : Soren height is about 6ft. and 2in. His skin is somewhat pale his is eyes a icy blue color his body muscular for his weight of 175 pounds his hair is a pure snowy white color. He often wears a inverted uniform by inverted colors it means that it is white where the black is supposed to be located and black where the white is supposed to be located Shingami’s uniform often standing out from the normal shinigami he wears his Zanpaktou to his right side of his hip towards the back. He also wears a necklace that has a medium sized crystal cross that he tucks underneath his uniform. He seems to have a white ring on his finger that he is close too for several different reasons.


    Likes :

    § Peace
    § Calm settings
    § Not waking up early
    § Order

    • Dislikes :

    § Death
    § War
    § Betrayal
    § Revenge

    • Flaws |

    § Is sometime a hypocrite
    § can be a bit childish

    • Habits |

    § Taking things too far
    § Protecting the innocence and the guilty

    • Fears : Too lose everything
    • Goals : To make a new everlasting peace
    • Overall Personality : Soren is the type of person from his past is known to be quite passionate about life and to his duty though he allows mercy to overcome him to where he can not fully complete his mission which leads him getting into trouble with those above him. Soren having a strong will, will not back down from any fight no matter how much pain he is in or how much the opponent overpowers him.
    Soren is also very protective of his friends and would do almost anything for them often leading him into fights or somewhat plots for revenge if one of them is killed. Anyways at first Soren is a quiet person although he tries to be kind to anyone he meets still not trusting of them until he is aware of their intention however with some people he tends to make a instant bond with and can also be a bit pervy at times.



    • Birthplace : Karakura town
    • Family : Dead
    • Overall history : Human Arc: Kyouki Soren’s mother was always kind to every living being personality wise there was no one no kinder then her she would sacrifice anything she could to save another human being without endangering another. Soren’s father on the other hand was a stern man by the name of Kyoukai He was the type of person who was stern followed the rules and protected whatever he could from harm although if he failed he wouldn’t accept it. Anyways these two people gave birth to Soren Kiyomeru who was born in a strange celestial event that was like a solar eclipse but colored a bluish color known as the holy eclipse. However three years later the happy family was resting in a nice little condo on the beach when the three was attacked by a Hollow the mother and father dying in the process of preventing their child from being eaten but still dying from massive blood loss. A shinigami named Cecil came about hearing Soren and seeing the hollow almost about ready to attack the baby when Cecil decided to follow order and baby on the beach which that peaked his interest feeling a small flare of reaitsu from the baby but nothing more then a spark which he thought himself Well what do we have here a baby no doubt…where is your parents hmm…? Soren calmed down and looked at the old shinigami smiled a bit thinking of taking care of the kid and breaking his rules well the Siereitei’s rules.
    Cecil coming to a choice in the following days when the time was up in Karakura town he had decided to retire from the Shinigami forces and go into a servitude type of job for one of the nobles who lived within the Rukongai with Soren as his soren as he raised him.

    Shinigami Arc: A few years later when Soren had a appearance of little kid he met the nobles son Sieraku who was a pale skin color jet black hair with blood red eyes the two almost became impossible to separate they we’re like brothers anyways they grew up rather quickly. Sieraku getting schooled with his mom and such Soren being schooled by Cecil in the ways of shinigami laws as well as regular knowledge while working for Sieraku and his parents as a servant to clean house as well as some other things.
    Everything was leading to a normal life when Soren had the age appearance of youthful teenager and then disaster struck within the families household.
    What had happened was a menos hollow viciously ate the parents of Sieraku and if it wasn’t for Cecil and his past training and the hollows reiatsu level he could have perished at the hands of the hollow but Cecil loosing his arm in the process of driving away the hollow he was sure it would not come back.

    This would begin Sieraku’s drive into madness being a boy in a nobles shoe and finding a way to get revenge for the Shinigami for not saving his parents from the hollows attack. Soren however felt that he needed to protect Sieraku from any further harm and asked Cecil to train him for him to become a Full fledged Shinigami. Cecil however did not like this idea coming from Soren and Soren sighed looking at Cecil when Cecil spoke I can’t train you to become a shinigami even if I could what do you think you can do against a hollow…hmm? Soren surprised by this began to speak Well I have kid- Cecil grew furious with Soren and got you and slammed him into the floor grasping his throat glaring at him angrily This is no time for your random antics Soren Kiyomeru why do you want to know so much about the Shingami you should leave them to their business and mind yours! Soren smiled at this thought but Cecil telling him about how the shinigami would always protect the ones that mattered most and was kind to any soul.
    Because dad I need to protect something in anyway I can and you’re the only one who can help me face myself! Cecil looked at Soren sighing and grabbed his Zanpaktou and raised his reiatsu handing the Zanpaktou to Soren and he said Soren…you need to first learn how to handle a Zanpaktou to get used to it’s weigh just try to cut me. Soren gave Cecil a weird look and took the Zanpaktou from Cecil and tried drawing it out fumbling with it not used to having a sword in his hand although it vaguely felt familiar to him. Hey Dad are you sure about this I don’t want to…you know hurt you… Cecil smiled and launched at Soren. Soren feeling a slight rush dropped the scabbard and grasped the Zanpaktou with both hand and raised his reiatsu without thinking about it and attacked Cecil making and swing at his left leg barely nicking it before Cecil flashed behind him and kicked his knee from under him not realizing how fast Cecil truly was and felt surprised when cecil spoke in a low dark voice Your going to need more training if you wish to protect Sieraku from a darkness that neither of us can save him from Soren. Cecil swung out his arm and hit Soren in the back of the neck knocking him out Soren too shocked and in thought to think about his next action was hit and dropped Cecil’s Zanpaktou Cecil grabbing it up and sighing. Damn kids…

    Over the next couple of months Soren and Cecil began training in their spare time Soren working on his zanjutsu, shunpo, kidou, and Hand to hand fighting skills. Although the first time Soren tried kidou it blew up in his face making him not really liking it. One day however in the middle of their training Sieraku looked outside seeing Soren and Cecil training and ran out not thinking about it and shouted at them both Hey hey both of you stop this meaningless fighting what are you trying to do?! Soren breaking away from Cecil jumped back breathing slightly heavy and looked at Sieraku Haha hey bud how are you doing today…and this wasn’t meaningless we was training for me to become a shinigami…so I can protect you and your family. Sieraku looked at Soren slightly reminded of his parent when Cecil began to walk away saying Soren we are done for today you’ve progressed well. Soren smiled at this and Sieraku looked at Soren slightly wishing for revenge Soren…I want you to teach me to become a shinigami as well so I can protect myself when the time comes please? Soren gave Sieraku a surprised look as if he knew exactly why Sieraku wanted himself to become a shingami that is when Soren said sieraku is a darkness that consumes you…please don’t fall if I teach you.

    Sieraku smiled at this and nodded to Soren’s request and Soren handed training Zanpaktou to Sieraku and they began to train Sieraku picking up on the training eventually almost evening out with Soren on zanjutsu. About a month later sometime late at night another hollow another attack happened on the pair it all started when the house was set on fire by a man carrying a black katana with high reiatsu rising above Cecil who before he was retired was 3rd seated officer of the 2nd division.
    The fire alerted Soren and Cecil which both ran out Soren not having a weapon to defend himself ran into the house to save Sieraku while Cecil took on the mysterious man who shouted at him Let’s take off this mask shall we…I want you to see what darkness has befallen over your fate Cecil standing stern glance at the man who slowly took of his black mask which had some resemblance to a hollows but was fake the man revealing himself to be Sieraku and launched at Cecil.
    Soren however while in the house found a charred corpse that had the same look as Sieraku, Soren however wanted to leave quickly before the house was brought down on him he began to flash step outside only to see the battle between Cecil and Sieraku who was covered by his mask Soren yelled at the masked man to distract him but it was a failed attempt the only costed Cecil his life when he was distracted instead the man flash stepping away and Soren running to Cecil Dad!!! Cecil who was stabbing near the heart took a deep breath Soren…I’m not your dad I thought I told you damned fool…anyways…just go to the siereitei and join the Shinigami you have the capabilities to become someone strong that they can utilize and Sieraku… Cecil gave out note that note before he could tell Soren about Sieraku becoming a threat to the Soul society.
    Soren remained quiet and then took of flash stepping to get away from everything it just needed to stop all of whatever was happening First his real parents, then Sieraku’s parents, now Cecil and Sieraku had both died in that attack he promised himself to have revenge on that masked man for their deaths when he heard a familiar voice HEY SOREN WAIT UP!!!! Soren looked back around to see Sieraku chasing after him and he stopped in shock and disbelief and waited for him to come up to Soren W-wait aren’t you…dead…? Sieraku laughed at him haha well we are spirits aren’t we? Soren smiled and then nodded a sign of relief coming over him. Sieraku looked back at him Alright then I suppose since my house is gone and such we should go to the Siereitei how does that sound with you? Soren turned and nodded Yeah someone wanted me to go to the Shinigami academy anyways… Sieraku smiled and led the way to the siereitei thoughts crossed his mind about Soren Soren you stupid fool…I will crush you but I want your blood fair and square to prove I am the strongest and that I don’t need your damn protection…and I’ll destroy the Siereitei and then make the world…submit to the ones who have been put under who have lost everything and your blood will pay for their sins!

    Upon arriving at the academy they were tested by some of the proctors and enrolled in the beginning level classes but due to their training under Cecil they was quickly promoted to the advanced level classes. Upon entering the advance class the two was told to Fight each other with steel swords so they could have some information about their fighting skills and to have their reaitsu on maximum levels so they did and it was a long arduous battle for both of them the battle ending in a tie both swords laid across the others neck many of the students were watching in slight amusement of how there was no victor and the proctor smiled clapping his hand at the two saying what a marvel it was how they could read each others movement so well that neither could prevail in sealed zanpaktou battling but it would change once they got their true zanpaktou.
    A few days later they were presented with zanpaktou’s of their own and each glared at them with awe and the proctor smiled Each shinigami has been granted a zanpaktou in the advanced class you two just needed your own which it why we made you battle a couple of days ago to see what zanpaktou would fit your fighting style and reiatsu feel.
    Soren’s zanpaktou was a pure white blade and somewhat light then the other zanpaktou he has used before and smiled becoming rather close to the zanpaktou like a partner who that was finally his for the keeping and placed it proudly on his side a voice vibrating in his head So… Soren looked around wondering what that voice was and sieraku simply walked away having what he needed to complete his plans.
    A few months later Soren was growing in tune with his zanpaktou hearing more of it’s words and such and one day when he was meditating he felt different like in a different world and opened his eyes looking around he was at a field of risen weapons erupting from the ground and old armor rusting there seemingly was not a stench of a dead body around but for some reason the evening twilight was emprty except for a lowly burnt shrine which was used to worship to the gods. Soren felt somewhat empty looking at everything when he heard a large but gentle voice speak to him. And you would be? A large white Lung Dragon loomed over Soren and far into the clouds in his hands was a white orb and a black orb and Soren felt a bit intimidated by the dragons size and appearance and he spoke I am Soren Kiyomeru... I am Amatsukami….your zanpaktou’s spirit…you seem surprised for me to be the spirit of your zanpaktou. Soren nodded and smiled a bit to calm himself down So...if I may ask why have I been called here? the dragon frown at Soren a bit and looked at him giving a sigh YOu know why your here. Soren looked at him and peeked his interest thinking about the captain's words Wait wait you mean...I am your partner now you'll accept me? The dragon moved down closer to soren and soren figured to jump on the dragons nose and the dragon moved back up and stared at him I suppose you a human could say that.. but I was waiting on you to accept me as well if I may place that there without each other we are nothing and we are each other's invauble partners don't you agree? Soren nodded and the dragon took a sudden action and made a spiral shape with his body from the star a beam of light seemed to open up and the dragon dropped Soren him slightly floating there. The orb began to darken into a pure black orb where the white orb cracked away and Soren began to feel awkward in the orb as if he was unlocking his zanpaktou from something or something coming over him that he never knew was releasing. He closed his eyes and felt indifferent to the world and opened them again to find himself back in the siereitei dumbfound and a bit tired he went to finish his training and then to sleep the next day waking to to himself with his first mission.

    So the next night Soren as well as the 3rd seated officer of the third division was sent to guard a possible location when they heard a sound coming from inside the house and outside bit later that night. The attack was two outcast shinigami one wearing a mask and wielding a black zanpaktou Soren would face off this man and the other another from the inside. Soren seeing the masked man grew angry and flared his reiatsu You…you murderer….I swore to Cecil I would avenge his death…now here’s my prepared to face your worst nightmare! the masked man began to laugh in menacingly Soren you fool after all we’ve been through you still intend to follow that ridiculous dream…no wonder you deserve to die like the rest of them. Sieraku removed his mask laughing to himself Soren going into sock as soon as he seen his face…you couldn’t have killed…no…that’s not you…please tell me I am in a illusion… Sieraku began to laugh again becoming insane like twist his head around Soren you fool don’t you se how useless the shinigami are they failed to protect your or my parents…you and me if we had not taken care of ourselves we would have surely died… soren grew angry at this and drew his zanpaktou and looked at Sieraku I thought I told you not to fall into the darkness…now I must reap what I’ve sown. Sieraku laughed wildly you would dare stand up against me and the rest of us nothing you can do will ever change the on coming present!!! Sieraku launched at Soren drawing out his zanpaktou Soren emotionless parried the blade coming at his face and looked behind himScream, Kiryuu. A flash of light erupted out from his zanpaktou and sieraku jumped back blinded Soren zanpaktou having awhite chain with a miniature celtic cross on the end and shot a blast of condensed light and reaitsu at Sieraku and him slaming into a nearby wall and Soren moving in for his kill so much he wished to accomplish was he really facing himself? Sieraku looked down breathing heavily and sighed waiting still soren grew close and as Soren stood over him he shook his head and sealed his blade walking away looking back I…I hate you for everything you’ve done…nothing will ever be the same again because of your selfish actions and I want to prove to myself I don’t need to be low to destroy you and protect everyone else I would suggest you run away before I can my mind. Sieraku began to laugh and sighs seizing his opportunity to leave with his life as the night drew into morning nothing else happened and the blood stain third seat came out to see Soren Well how was everything outside? Soren looked back at her and sighed Sieraku Kuroayo is now a outcast of the Siereitei I let him escape with his life due to personal feelings I will accept my punishment without regret. The 3rd seat smiled and sighed No it will be fine you would be following the 13th division since you did that and I felt something different I believe you may have released your zanpaktou? Soren nodded lost in a speechless thought puzzled with the actions of Sieraku his new intent was to protect everything and kill those who opposed peace starting with Sieraku the traitor of everything the Siereitei, Cecil, their friendship, all sanity…A few days after the events Soren was promoted up to the 3rd division and went to the spot in the Rukongai where he last saw Sieraku feeling drawn to that place by some unknown force.

    Role Play Sample:[/center] A man walked along a path in the Rukongai seeming to head deeper into the nobles house turned on a corner heading towards what seemed to be a burnt down wreck of a home it was evening. The sky was filled with a array of colors with various shades of red, orange, and purples. The other buildings seemed to have a old ghostly presence about them with few people on the street things seemed quiet. The quietness vibrating in his ears as if a madman screaming for his sanity while the world was slipping from his fingers until the silence was broken by a vaguely weak wind brushing the tree's making a scratching sound. Upon getting closer to what seems to be his destination point from the man point of view you could see where the fire lost its will to burn the north west side of the mansion was lower then south east part and the ridge where the fire stopped was eternally charred black a smell lofting about the area that smelled like something was smoldering to him though he was there when the fire happened so it was more then likely just him remember the images of that unfateful day of his life.
    The in further explanation was what seemed to be a shinigami but with a inverted color uniform to give him the look of either a high ranked Shinigami or a Arrancar which made some people suspicious of him if it was not for his zanpaktou which strangely enough was colored white and his kindness to thoughs weaker then him he might have been attacked. Another person within the range of the shinigami came yelling out his name him however not answering back due to he had snuck away from Squad 2 just to review some stuff when he was last here with his brother examining crucial stuff towards one of his goals when the yelling became louder in the distance. Loud enough you could tell it was a girl crying for him yelling out Soren! The young man turned his snowy white head in her direction leading him to be known by his name Soren Kiyomeru. As he studied the surrounding area the female shinigami found him and slowly crept up towards him Hey Soren! Soren looked back at her his eye becoming slightly grim looking as if irritated she had interrupted his work. What is it Suki? *She smiled a bit her pink hair floating in the breeze and her rosy red cheeks becoming even more red as she talked to him although Soren didn't seem to care and as he grew to his full height he looked at her Well what is it if it isn't order from the captain or anyone higher ranked then me can't it wait until the morning I needed to get more clues about Sieraku's location or where ever in the hell he is going.
    At that moment she seemed to sigh as if she guessed what he was doing at the this time of day Well it's just the Captain needed you back to run a few small missions for him so yeah but I mean I didn't want you to get in trouble so I thought I would come get you since you did sneak out. Soren looked down looking slightly irritated that she did guess that and he looked at her strangely and pointed at her giving a somewhat stupid face. You guessed what I was doing ...Great either my skills have gotten low cause your one of the lowest in our squad or perhaps you spend your time stalking me too much. At this point she got really red and sighs heavily hanging her head turning around to walk off saying Soren Kiyomeru you're a jerk anyways let's go before I have to kill you or let the captain handle that one. Soren sighed and nodded walking off then suddenly going into a flash step disappearing from the girl.
    OHHHH that Soren always leaving me behind can't he just tell he's the one for me yet he brushes me off!!! A child walks up to her and tugs on her uniform. Yes I think he knows about all that but if you would please be a little bit quieter... Suki just shook her head and dispeared with the wind hoping not to get caught re-entering her squad.

    [color=#e4e4e4]Upon their re-entrance to their squad Soren looked at Suki for some slight reason she seemed tense as if on guard or prepared to hear some bad news however Soren shrugged this off guessing as if she was nothing more then acting as if something bad was going to happen when the Captain of the fourth division came from the captain’s office. Oh Soren…ans Suki I wouldn’t have been surprised to see you both hear on such short notice but suki you did accomplish your errand somewhat fast. Suki seemed to go red like she did with Soren her also having a crush on the fourth division captain as well as Soren which made Soren slightly smile but his face turning back grim. U-umm thank you Ms…I-I mean Captain. Soren shook his head Suki calm down she won’t bite your head off I though I said to speak with more courage in your heart and to never let people push you around. Suki smiled at soren and went even more red. But before she could get a word in soren spoke again Captain why was I called here I am only the Lieutenant of squad 3 I knew the captain was sick but I didn’t think it was bad enough…. The 4th captain looked down looked down and sighed The conditions worsened over today with his wounds I should have figured and he’s refusing treatments I was going to let you talk some sense in the old fool. Soren sighed wanting to slap himself he knew the captain was old and feeble but he was somewhat like a Grandpa to him having some sense of justice and he knew Soren’s pain and his history he was the closest thing he had to family except for Suki following him everywhere. Soren approached the office door and opened the door smelling a rather floral scent about the room seeing the captain sitting at his desk he turned and faced him and bow giving the proper term of respect. The captain rose and looked at Soren he rose one eyebrow in speculation [color=dark red]Rise boy I am in not mood for your shenanigans. Soren rose quietly obeying the captain waiting for his turn to speak listening to the captains wishes as the captain slowly walked over towards him he stroked his fine silver beard and looked at Soren with soren with his opened gray eye. [color=dark red]Soren you know I am old far too old to continue to run this squad I just want to well…move on you as well I know you are more then capable of handling this squad with the shinigami by your side so with my upcoming death I am going to use all my will power to help you train to get your ban-release to your zanpaktou so you may ready to handle what may come to your future. Soren felt slightly astonished but said nothing only getting himself angry feeling his reaitsu rising he tried to calm himself and spoke with a mysterious calm Captain Ramnyaku I don’t wish to impose of your plans to leave but surely your just joking I don’t understand what you plan on even getting out of this! Soren losing control of his temper began to yell at his old captain with some of his irritation and confusion.

    Why was he wanting to do this was Soren even ready to become a captain Soren didn’t think so that when the old man came to Soren and stood over him and Soren looked up the captain placing his hand on his shoulder. [color=dark red]Soren Kiyomeru I have nothing I want to do in this world and my time is nigh I expect you to obey my wishes since I am still your captain for Soren that was the end of the conversation he didn’t feel like fighting with the old man if this was his wish Soren was going respect it. Soren got up and walked to the door his eyes down with a depressed look right now when the usually person wouldn’t but he’s lost too many people for him not to ignore then he spoke in a quiet voice I don’t like what your doing …you’re a old damn fool. The captain chuckled to himself and went back to work on some paperwork with Soren outside Suki and Captain Unohana stood there looking at soren, Suki seemed rather depressed as well and sighed and said So…your going to try to be our next captain….congrats Soren…. Soren looked down feeling ashamed to not be able to do anything or even accepting his offer Suki I never meant to…. rashly Suki flash stepped away from Soren and the captain standing outside the captain looking back at Soren as if to ask what just happened and Soren looked off the other direction as if to say he didn’t know but Soren however knew what she was running from and that was his only secret to keep The Captain Unohana smiled at Soren and said her farewell bidding him goodnight.

    A few days later Captain Ranmyaku met with Soren on the training grounds to help him achieve his bankai the two fought against each other to warm soren up Soren breathing was slightly heavier then the captain which pissed him off a bit but the Captain was not in that great of shape either due to his sickness. You could say Soren was on par with him they had both already released their zanpaktou the captain zanpaktou could be described as one similar to a trident having the reach outdone by Soren’s making it rather difficult for Soren to be able to reach him but with his manipulation of light and water he was having a semi-difficult match. Soren Kiyomeru I can feel as if you have already gained your zanpaktou’s trust now hurry up and release! Soren not knowing what to do froze and the captain launched forward striking near his heart when soren slightly was able to parry the strike and something came to mind in his head.Rest weary gods and let the evils of this world feel your divine judgment with the power of your messenger, Bankai, Kawarinaku Amatsukami. his zanpaktou size changed and into to normal size of a Odachi and his reiatsu sky rocketed past the weak captain’s able to form wings of light and reiatsu with a arch of it connecting the two wings and the old captain smiled calling out the other captain who he sneaked up a rather short time ago before he even told Soren about his training. He spoke what were to be his final words Soren Kiyomeru finish me or I will kill you. Soren closed his eyes thoughts in his head screaming out[ color=cyan]OLD FOOL!!!!!! Soren slashed through his zanpaktou with a blast of light reiatsu and thrust his zanpaktou through his throat and sliced out releasing another wave severing his head killing the captain. The others were having recognized him as a captain after defeating his own. So the ceremonial began a few days later Suki was being sent out on a long mission from the soul society and Soren being caught up in all kinds of paperwork and business rarely having any time away like he used to plus his black Captains’s haroi was a bit standing out so he thought of the future having plenty to do.

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