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    Post by Zane on Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:20 am

    Name: Dellapero Grance

    Age: 2900

    Gender: Male

    Rank: Former Cero Espada

    Number: 0

    Looks: Dellapero has a decently tall and fairly musculer build of 6'4 in height. He has black hair that is [artially spiked along the top half of his forhead and the upper-back side of his neck. Dellapero has tan caucasion skin, lava-red eyes, andhas his entire right-arm covered in a material that seals away most of his power. His most common outfit is a grey shirt with a black leather jacket over it, black pants with red markings along the side, and his zanpakto kept over his hands.

    Hollow Hole: Directly where the heart would bed located on a human.

    Mask Fragment: Dellapero's mask ragment is attached to his zanpakto onto his hands keeping it from being removed.

    Number Tattoo: Dellapero's number tatoo is located in the center of the ribcage

    Personality: Dellapero, at most times usually is a rather lazy person who doesn't like wasting time with mindless botter and annoyances. He does, however waste no time in killing such things if there is a need to do so. Dellapero doesn't like to use his true power much either, hence why he has the majority of it sealed up in his-arm. He doesn't get angry often either, and when he does, he usually still acts somewhat calm. Dellapero hates being lead by an unworthy or weak person/people, which is the main reason he left the Espada. He thought of the Espada Leader of the time to be a weak pathetic peice of trash. Dellapero isn't exactly the type of person to get into different emotions. Most times he is mainly always very calm in facial expression and voice tone. It is very rare he act different, but it is possible if he is ticked off enough. The only things he really hates are shinigami. He sort of likes vizards for trying to be more like the ultimant race, but that depends on the vizards. He ha sno oppinion for humans, quincy, or bounts and doesn't care if they live or die. He somewhat cares for the arrancar and hollow race, but it can also depend on who that individual is.

    Dellapero was born in the city of Edo in 327 AD which is known today at Tokyo Japan. He was the son to Ideka Katsui, a five star general in the Tokugawa military, and Mitsuta Katsui, a medical worker at the time. From the start of his life, he had to stay in Edo because of the constant war-fare and combat in the other areas of Japan. The only two people he had for company was his brother, Zane Katsui, and his best friend who lived in Edo as well. Dellapero spent his early years of life mainly sleeping and being a rather lazy person who hate doing work, as most kids do. After several years he had finally turned eight and the time to begin his training in the basic arts of zanjitsu and Martial Arts had began. He and his brother were placed under the training of Tadekatsu Honde who was revered as the most skilled combatant of the Tokugawa army and also the defender of Edo Castle at the time. Dellapero trained against his brother mostly for the practice matches and a few times against Tadekatsu who didn't take very long to beat him for obvious reasons. he adapted to the art of using a blade very quickly and moved on to training his archery capabilities. He even managed to pass Tadekatsu in this subject, mainly because Tade was a strictly close-combat warrior. After five years if regress training and work in all types of weaponry, Dellapero was fourteen and able to join the army and was able to use almost any weapon to it's best extent. He joined under his father as a corporal for a short period of time while his brother was assigned as a Lieutenant of the Shiba battalion. It was pretty dull the first few years in the army as his unit was positioned to defend Edo which was rarely ever attacked even by bandits.Over the years, however. Dellapero started to gain rather odd abilities such as temporary boosts in strength or speed, although this was unknown to him. Once the first guns were developed, Dellapero toke a course to learn how to best use the weapon. By the time he had half-learned the weapon's use, a group of Date battalions attacked Edo by the Northern gate. Dellapero and his group were guarding the southern gates, so they didn't have much of a problem. They just stood there ,waiting. Dellapero was promoted to Lieutenant later o in the same battalion and his brother was moved as second in command of the unit. By now he was 21 and his father was getting old and rusty. After a hour of war-fare to the north, the real Date army appeared to the South east with the main group of units. The date were the second army to advance in gunman-ship, so they had two entire units with guns. At the same time a sthe second force appeared, a Date engineer set Edo castle a flame burning away at most anything in the area. A full on retreat was called to Mitogawa from the west gate. Many died that day and Edo was burnt to the ground including Dellapero's old best friend. Such was the life of war. Later that night, Dellapero's father died from inhaling to many toxic fumes from the fire and Dellapero was placed as the new general of the battalion with his brother being second in command. They spent years together training in the arts of every weapon known to man in this time period. Dellapero and Zane were sent on their final mission to capture and kill Mitsuhide Aketchi in Mt Hetijin where they were ambushed by an assassin unit and killed.From that point on weird things were happening again. He felt as if he had been seeing " demons" in the battlefield devouring the souls of dead soldiers. This went on for three years and he was dis-charged from his position for being clinically insane. Dellapero left to live his life in a Urban area for awhile, ten years to be exact. He continued seeing them more and more until one finally attacked him out in a forest. This resulted in his death and turning into a hollow.
    As a gillian, Dellapero slowly lost memory of his life as a human and slowly started to turn into a mindless demon the same as the one hwo had killed him as a human. He killed and devoured dozens of souls in the world of the living, but something was wrong. The souls filled his hunger, but he longed for more..he wanted power. Dellapero returned to the Menos Forest and started to devour hollows instead of human souls. This not only kept his hunger filled, but kept his power constantly raising each day. In a clash of hollows hungry for power, including himself, something odd happened. He and the hollows merged together into a beheamoth-like demon known as a Menos Grande Gillian. Dellapero retained control of the mamoth-sized being and continued to devour,only now on other Menos.
    After a few decades, Dellapero evolved yet again into an Adjuhace which caused him to retain more of a human personality and regain self-control. The need to feed was still too much, however. And he continued to feed upon other hollows and Adjuhace. After close to a centuary, and the devouring of his 5000'th hollow, Dellapero toke up another transformation into the stage of the infamous Vasto Lorded. From this point on, he no longer required the need to feed, but doing such was still a luxury to him.Although it wasn't nearly as much as before, Dellapero stil continued to feed even as the highest known stage a hollow could obtain. By this oint, he was 1700 years old and Barragan was still in control of Hueco Mundo.Upon reaching the highest potential power a Vasto could unlock, Aizen Sosuke had arrived and claimed Hueco Mundo under his control.
    Dellapero stayed in the Menos Forest for this time until Aizen had been killed many, many years later. Those years in the Menos forest. Dellapero began to tear away at his hollow mask and rip it off naturally turning into an arrancar. this process was rather painful, but the power after-words was worth it. He traded everything he had as a hollow except for regeneration and his memories and thoughts for greater power. This caused his ressurection to be more human then normal, but the power along with his abilities put him at the top of the top as Cero Espada with the next Espada Leader after Aizen.
    Dellapero stayed in Las Nochas for fifty years as the cero until he made another realization. The Espada Leader was a weakling who had no idea what the hell he/she was doing. This resulted in his leave of Las Nochas to wait again for a better Espada Leader to show, or the old trash to die.

    rp Sample:Atop the ground twenty feet away from the field of battle and blood-shed, the arrancar known as Dellapero, as well as the ex Primera and Ex Cero espada, and now the Leader of the mighty espada, appeared at his full height of six foot six. He was in his normal outfit of a grey shirt with a black leather jacket over it, covering most of the shirt, black pants with red markings along the sides, and a grey seal placed along his right-arm from finger to shoulder concealing most of his power. Dellapero had black hair that was partially spiked downward along the back of his neck and forehead, tan caucasian skin, and black eyes that gave a sense of revenge to those who looked directly at them.

    Dellapero looked forward at the group of people who were currently in combat. There were many people here, just as he had expected, that would just make it all the funner to rip out their intestines and strangle them with it. ( Just stole SHikyo's line) Dellapero sensed the reiatsu from each of them. Some were impressive in power, others, not so much. One in particular had abnormally high spiritual pressure for a shinigami. He assumed that person was non-other then the Captain Commander. Dellapero smirked to himself and thought of how to end the shinigami's lives. Should he just obliterate them all with ceros? Rip them apart bit by bit, limb by limb, or dissolve their entire body slowly causing scarring pain? All these options, one had to be chosen from them. All the hate within his body wanted to take over and kill every last damned one of them.

    Any of his allies would surely be able to recognize his spiritual pressure as it entered the atmosphere, but the shinigami, they most likely had no idea who the hell he even was. Dellapero had just recently taken over the espada a week ago, so the chance of them knowing would be highly unlikely. At the moment, his spiritual pressure was at the level of a powerful cero espada which could get him confused with the real cero. Of course they would all know soon enough of who he was once his true-power showed it self.Dellapero stood there, pondering all this and thinking while watching the combat unfold before his sight.He wanted to see just a bit more of how his so called minions did against these pathetic shinigami before he himself interrupted.

    Zanpakto Apearance: Dellapero's zanpakto takes the appearance of a known as brass knuckles with several alteratins.Brass knuckles, also sometimes called knuckles, knucks, brass knucks, or knuckle dusters, are weapons used in hand-to-hand combat. Brass knuckles are pieces of metal, usually steel despite their name, shaped to fit around the knuckles. Designed to preserve and concentrate a punch's force by directing it toward a harder and smaller contact area, they result in increased tissue disruption, including an increased likelihood of fracturing the victim's bones on impact. The extended and rounded palm grip also spreads across the attacker's palm the counter-force that would otherwise be absorbed primarily by the attacker's fingers, reducing the likelihood of damage to the attacker's fingers. Dellapero's brass knuckles are made of zanpakto and allow him to break most any substence with his punchs due to them increasing his punch damage significantly. The knuckles also have spikes attached to them making them able to do impalement damage as well. The spikes are two inchs long and are rather sharp.

    Overview- Dellapero's powers revolve around the manipulation of fire and heat. The only passiv ability he has in innate form is that the heat energy from anything with-in two feet of him is drained inside of his body, weakening attacks such as fire or lightning, and making the area arond him rather cold to be in. Because of this Dellapero's body heat is very high and causes contact with him to cause a sense of heat on whatever made contact. The more heat he absorbs, the more heat is transfered by contact. It can even lead to second degree brns if done directly after the absorbtion of fire's heat. This ability makes him highly resistent to any attacks that freeze things or burn, because the burning properties of fire and such are drained away, and the ice would melt due to his body heat causing it to turn to water. Dellapero can naturaly raise his body heat as well, but this involves focusing 3% the user's reishi to do so.Same vice versa for lowering it. By doing this, Dellapero can ignite any part of his body on fire to cause even greater damage when he lands a hit.Lastlu, because of is extreme body heat, any poisons, disease, or internal damaging parasites in his body are instantly burned away to the point of not affecting him.

    Innate Techniques: Fire bullets
    * Description of Attack - This is an advanced variation of bala Dellapero developed. By charging reishi and heat into the brass knuckles over his fists, he can shoot out several half-bala half flame-sphere in the shape of a a knuckle from each knuckle. These usually come in packs of five, but can be shot in less. The spheres cause third degree burns where they hit, as well as a very small explosion of above three inchs that can cause second degree burns in the radius. These can be shot in a fast rate due to the low amont of reishi it consumes.
    * Type - Offencive
    * Range - 30 feet

    Flaming cero
    * Description of Attack - By fusing reishi with the body heat he creates, Dellapero can fire a large lava-red cero filled and covered with dark-red flames. This can cause a type of burn beyond 3rd that can take up to years to heal nnaturally, months with healing, and a day with regeneration. The cero can burn through most substences and burns away at even the oxygen in the air, making it harder to breathe when near the area the cero hit for two posts.
    * Type - Offencive
    * Range - 40 feet

    Cero Diablo
    * Description of Attack - Dellapero has the ability to fire multiple ceros at a time through multiple areas. This isn't as great as Stark's ability to fire constant barrages, but allows Dellapero to fire a cero form each hand, the mouth, and eyes at the same time.
    * Type - Offencive
    * Range - Same as any normal cero

    Germelos Sonido
    * Description of Attack - Dellapero has the ability to use sonido in such a way that it actually leaves a clone-like after-image behind in his place. These after-images, unlike normal, can be used in many ways. They are so realistic that they can even bleed and allow the user to fire attacks from multiple directions at a time.
    * Type - All
    * Range - Same as Sonido

    Flame Burst
    * Description of Attack - Dellapero can unleash a burst of heat from his body making a wave of flames shoot up around him to burn and blow away attacks or projectiles coming at him. The flames can burn even ceros to ashes if they come with in the hottest areas of the flames.

    * Description of Attack - By grabing the opponent, Dellapero can drain away at their body heat, causing their insides to slowly cooldown and freeze. This can eventually lead to death by freezing the heart and organs.
    * Type - Offencive
    * Range - Reach

    Dellapero Sets any injured or lost part of his body on fire and fuses the flames with his body to expand it in order to regenerate cutts to entire limbs. The rate depends on how much heat he has absorbed into his body.

    Ressurection Appearance:

    Overview- In ressurection, Dellapero becomes a demonic being of the highest possible power an arrancar can achieve. It has the spiritual pressure, strength, speed, and durability of a Segunda Etapa, which os why Dellapero is unable to achieve the Segunda form. All heat with in fourty feat of him is absorbed into his body. All techniques he uses all now use black flames three times as strong as before,but with twice the reishi drain. He can now freely control flames. He can ignite his body on fire and move flames anyway he wants, from making walls, to swords, to arrows, and such.He can make his fire adapt physical characteristics and actually do stabing damage as well as block physical objects. Also, the black flames gain the ability to burn away and melt reishi. This means that if it enters the opponent's body, it will burn away their reishi internally slowly weakening it. In this form, Dellaperos reishi and reiatsu is converted into fire, which means if absorbed, it will cause internal burning on those who absorbed it. Lastly, any fire immunity only cutt away at half the power of the flames, allowing some damage done even when an opponent has an immunity.

    Ressurection Techniques:

    * Description of Attack - Dellapero gathers all the heat in a two hundred feat radius into his body for one post, then unleashs it all in a giant wave of heat teh next. This causes near sub-zero temperatures one the post the heat is absorbed, then 2000 degree temperatures for the next, causing intense burns on the entire body.
    * Type - Offencive
    * Range - 200 feet

    * Description of Attack - Dellapero can raise the heat of his fire to such an extent that it can cause distortion in the senses of an opponent causing them to see mirages and distractions.
    * Type - Offencive
    * Range - fifty feet

    * Description of Attack - Dellapero gathers all of his heat energy above his right-hand pointer-finger into a massive ball of fire and lava with extreme heat. The sphere is the ten feet tall in height and length. Once the sphere hits something, it explodes with a massive force that incinerates anything within 100 feet of the blast.
    * Type - Offencive ( Ultimant)
    * Range - 100 feet
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    Re: Dellapero

    Post by Maken J hiorro on Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:53 am

    only thing im saying is in ur regeneration. remember the limit will be limbs, no organs at all.


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