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    J Sosuke Techs.

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    J Sosuke Techs.

    Post by Maken J hiorro on Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:03 am

    ZANPAKUTO: Hakumaru
    SHIKAI: Hakuzamaru

    J swings his zanpakuto and dense wind is made and swung at the target. Able to use 20 times a topic. Can use 2 for two post and must cooldown for 2 post.

    J sticks his hand out and generates any kind of weapon out of pure wind. It turns into the actual weapon and j can use it for attacks.

    J does spins his zanpakuto making a round barrier come up around him for one whole post. It can stop anything. He can only use it 4 times a topic. he can make it gaurd at whatever length he wants it to.

    BANKAI: Windzaka Hakuzamaru Sakuto

    J grabs the targets face and begins to suffocate them by taking away there oxygen. It doesn't kill them it just leaves them tired. He can use this 3 times per topic. If he uses it on you 3 times your dead. Cooldown is 2 post.

    J fills the area with carbon dioxide and And leaves oxygen in his breathing space for a whole post.

    Pressure of thy air:
    J grabs you and puts his wind wings around the target. He then makes air come in and makes it gain alot of pressure on the target. Can be used once in a topic.

    Final Oxyzation:
    In this attack J grabs his enemy by his two arms and head to head. He concentrats for a second and opens his mouth to suck in the oxygen from the targets body till there is no more in him. He can only do this once per topic.


    Blue Cero:
    J's second strongest cero. This cero is so powerful it could destroy an arrancar that close to espada level. He can use it 3 times per topic. no cooldown.

    Black Cero:
    J's strongest cero is about as strong as grand rey cero. He can use it 4 times and there is a 2 post cooldown.

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